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Microsoft has reached the first stage on the way to creating a quantum supercomputer


Microsoft has reached the first stage on the way to creating a quantum supercomputer

The company has proven that it is possible to create reliable logic qubits that solve the current problems of quantum computers.

Company Microsoft announced the achievement of the first stage on the way to the creation of a quantum supercomputer that will be able to solve problems that are inaccessible to modern classical computers. It is reported on the Microsoft Azure Quantum Blog .

Microsoft’s quantum supercomputer will be based on logic qubit technology, which makes quantum computing highly reliable and scalable. Logical qubits are created from physical qubits through coding and error correction. To do this, Microsoft uses a topological quantum computing approach that protects qubits from noise and decoherence, which is very difficult to do in classical quantum computers.

IN scientific article Microsoft scientists have proven that they were able to create and manipulate a logical qubit from two physical qubits based on Majorana fermions . This is the first step towards a quantum supercomputer, which will require thousands of logical qubits.

In addition, Microsoft introduced new tools and services to accelerate scientific discovery with Azure Quantum. Among them:

  • Azure Quantum Elementsa system for conducting research in the field of chemistry and materials science using high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing;
  • Copilot in Azure Quantuman assistant to simplify work with natural language and quantum code;
  • Roadmap to Microsoft’s quantum supercomputera roadmap for the development of Microsoft’s quantum supercomputer.

Majorana fermions are fermions that are their own antiparticles. This means that they have no electrical charge and cannot interact with an electromagnetic field.

Majorana fermions have potential applications in various fields of physics. For example, they can help understand the nature of neutrinos and dark matter, as well as test theories of supersymmetry. In solid state physics, Majorana fermions can be used to build quantum computers that are resistant to decoherence and errors.

Topological quantum computing is a way of implementing quantum algorithms using topological quantum numbers (a quantity that does not change with small changes in a physical system). Topological quantum numbers can be used to encode and manipulate information in quantum states that are resistant to noise and errors. Such states are called topologically secure or non-trivial. Topological quantum computing has potential applications in various fields such as cryptography, condensed matter physics, and chemistry.

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