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new browser with integrated artificial intelligence


Opera One: a new browser with integrated artificial intelligence

The company has completely updated the browser, adding Aria neural networks and ChatGPT as a standard feature.

Opera Company released new version of your browser Opera One, which includes an integrated artificial intelligence called Aria. Opera One is a completely redesigned browser that, according to the developers, opens up “a new era of AI-powered Internet surfing.”

Aria’s integrated artificial intelligence was co-created with OpenAI and uses Opera’s Composer AI engine and also connects to OpenAI’s GPT 3.5. In addition, Aria has additional features such as live web results and access to all Opera support documentation.

Users can interact with Aria directly from the browser by pressing CTRL+/ (Windows) or CMD+/ (MacOS). Hotkeys will bring up the command line to communicate with Aria, which works like ChatGPT.

The browser has also added AI Prompts, which allows Aria to react to text (right-clicked) with contextual hints. In addition, the ChatGPT chat bot is always available on the sidebar of the browser.

In addition to AI, Opera One uses Tab Islands to conveniently organize tabs into their own groups (islands). This can be done automatically or manually.

In addition, the developers have added a new modular design and a multi-threaded builder, which make the browser adaptive based on user actions, and also promise a fast and smooth interface thanks to multi-threading.

According to Opera, users themselves can choose whether to use the new features or not – access to Opera One’s AI services is voluntary. To use Aria, you must first sign up for a free Opera account. Opera One browser already available for download on Windows, macOS or Linux.

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