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Resurrected BreachForums leaked user data


Resurrected BreachForums leaked user data

Less than a week later, competitors eliminated a popular cybercriminal forum.

Recently revived darknet forum BreachForums became a victim of a burglary. The personal information database of 4,700 BreachForums users was published on competing cybercriminal platforms. Cybernews research team confirmed that the leak is valid and contains data about users who have registered on the resurrected BreachForums.

The BreachForums website was shut down in March of this year following the arrest of its founder, Conor Brian Fitzpatrick (aka Pompompurin). However, last week it was reported that site revived with the help of Fitzpatrick’s former deputy known as Baphomet.

The new site is said to have been revived by a hacker group ShinyHunters. And it looks like the new owners were working with former BreachForum chief administrator Baphomet, deputy administrator of Pompompurin, who was arrested. It was Baphomet who struggled to keep BreachForums afloat after the founder and owner of the Pompompurine forum was arrested by the FBI, then Baphomet became concerned that law enforcement agencies have access to their servers, and disabled the forum myself.

Shortly after the launch of the new site, BreachForums was hacked and its user database was exposed to the public. The domain of the original BreachForums now has a message that the forum will never return, and any site that mimics BreachForums should be used with care.

After the closure of BreachForums, many new sites appeared in the cybercrime market trying to take its place. This caused concern in the cybercriminal community, as some sites were created by the authorities in order to deceive criminals and reveal their identities.

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