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RoV APL 2023 Conclusion After a week, something unexpected happened Part 2


RoV APL 2023 Conclusion After a week, something unexpected happened Part 2

Monday, July 10, 2023, 00:00:00, Indochina time

After the previous article, we have written a summary of the overview of the Thai RoV team in the RoV International Championship APL 2023, presented through the Bacon Time and Valencia CF Esports teams, champion and runner-up of RoV Pro League 2023. Summer So in this Part 2 article, of course, the team we’re going to talk about is the 3rd team in the RoV Pro League 2023 Summer like Buriram United Esports and eArena, another representative from the RoV team from Thailand that came in. From the Wild Card Round

APL 2023, quite shocking performance of 2 Thai teams in Group A

The results of 2 Thai teams from Group A, Buriram United Esports and eArena, are quite shocking. Because they rank 6-7 in the table and have a very high chance of losing to the playoffs for the Thunder Castle team. and our frantic rabbits

APL 2023, when Group of Death takes eArena seriously

The work of eArena, Thai RoV game fans can still understand because this is considered their first international tournament, but they have to be accepted by being caught in the Group of Death, which is filled with many devilish teams. such as V Gaming, Saigon Phaontom, Most Outstanding Player, Hong Kong Attitude and Flash Wolves, all of whom have experience on the international stage. And had gone as far as the champion, runner-up and third place, so eArena, although playing well, had to miss out and lose points because it was still not enough.

APL 2023 What happened to Prasat Thunder, Buriram United Esports team?

Buriram United Esports, who perform well throughout the international arena competition, are still unable to bring out their best performance for us to see. Because they were beaten by the power of MOP team and Saigon Phantom, a strong team from Taiwan and Vietnam, crushed 2-0 on both maps. The victory came from defeating eArena, so if the thunder castle wants to advance to the next round. They’ll have to do a fair amount of homework. Because the rest of the teams that they had to face were all strong.

In conclusion, it is considered difficult for us to see the names of Buriram United Esports and eArena in the APL 2023 playoff round, the last 8 teams because of the points table, the competition program. And the performance of the current team says that they are still unable to measure against the big teams that are very crazy in Group A or Group of Death, but the shock is probably Buriram United Esports because This will be their first elimination on the international stage since Team RoV was formed.

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