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RoV APL 2023, the face of 4 champion teams that will participate in the World Championship next month!!


RoV APL 2023, the face of 4 champion teams that will participate in the World Championship next month!!

Thursday, May 18, 2023 at 3:31:43 PM, Indochina time.

Now, the RoV Pro League competitions of all 4 major leagues from RoV Pro League, Arena of Glory, Garena Challenger Series and AOV Star League have come out after Saigon Phantom ended up winning the RoV Pro League Vietnam AOG Spring championship. 2023 has come to dominate and every team will have to continue competing in the RoV International Championship, Arena of Valor Premier League 2023, so let’s go and see the 4 favorite teams that will win the championship of this program. Which team is there? some because they are “Country Champion”

bacon time

The first team to present is Bacon Time, the Rov Pro League 2023 Summer champion team that comes with form. And the degree is so intense that it was raised to be a favorite for the championship of the APL 2023 by default. For Bacon Time, they are the latest RoV team to win international championships as well, plus the champion won is the Arena of Valor Premier League 2022 or APL 2022 champion, which It’s the same tournament they’ll be playing in this year’s Arena of Valor Premier League 2023 or APL 2023, so let’s see if they can defend their title.

BRO esports

The other team is another very strong team in the last year of the Taiwanese RoV industry like BRO Esports, who left their results on the international stage, like getting 3rd place in last year’s AIC 2022 program. In addition, this time they also come as a 2-time Garena Challenger Series (GCS) champion team, joining the first team, so it’s definitely very scary for this team.


Kagendra, the champions of the AOV Star League, said that this year they will not be the same due to many changes, so their strength is not just an ornament like before, so stay tuned for surprises and tricks from the team. RoV Indonesian League

Saigon Ghost

Finally, Saigon Phantom, the strongest Vietnamese RoV team at the moment after recently winning the Arena of Glory (AOG), making them the first team to win the RoV Vietnam Pro League 6 times. The international stage of this team is tangible whether it’s AIC 2020 runner-up or APL 2022 runner-up. Therefore, in this APL 2023, Saigon Phantom is ready to exact revenge on Bacon Time after losing in the final. won last year

In addition to these 4 teams, there are also 10 other teams participating in the competition as representatives of the 2nd and 3rd teams of each league, whether Buriram United Esports, Valencia CF Esports, V Gaming, HEAVY, Flash Wolves, MOP Team. , Dewa United and 3 other teams like the Arena of Valor Premier League 2023 Wild Card tournament that will begin on June 9th.

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