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Russian software must work with two domestic operating systems


Russian software must work with two domestic operating systems

The Ministry of Digital Development has prepared a draft government decree on new requirements for software developers.

The Ministry of Digital Development has prepared a draft government decree, according to which software developers will have to ensure the compatibility of their software with at least two domestic operating systems (OS) so that the product can qualify for inclusion in the Russian software register. About it reported “Vedomosti” in the ministry.

The requirements will apply to both new software and already included in the registry. For the latter, a transitional period will be provided for revision to meet new requirements. According to a representative of the Ministry of Digital Development, the requirements will be introduced in stages for different classes of software. Now the draft document is being worked out with industry associations, and then it will be sent for approval to the interested departments.

Now most of the programs in the registry are not compatible with two domestic operating systems at once, experts admit. Such software can be more than 50%. Until now, there was no such parameter as “compatibility with domestic operating systems or processors” in the Ministry of Digital Registry, and developers did not need to declare such compatibility.

There is an understanding among developers that the IT market needs an ecosystem, not individual products, so compatibility tests are necessary. For example, office software, information security products, database management systems, workflow systems, ERP systems are already compatible with many Russian operating systems, while the corresponding revision of CAD (computer-aided design system) takes at least two years.

CAD is a complex computing system that is designed primarily to work with Windows. Porting a graphical CAD application from Windows to Linux can require extensive rework and take over a year. Work on the compatibility of Russian operating systems with critical varieties of engineering, industrial and banking software is taking modest steps.

Some developers have already confirmed the compatibility of their products with domestic operating systems. Thus, Content AI confirmed the compatibility of the multifunctional ContentReader PDF editor with Red OS and Atlant OS, and testing of the product on Astra Linux OS is in the final stage. The main products of SKB Kontur are compatible with the Alt OS and Astra Linux.

According to experts, full compatibility of software from the registry with the operating system can be achieved within 2-3 years.

Now there are more than 90 operating systems in the Russian software registry (including mobile, general-purpose, real-time, network and OS as built-in system programs). Among the most popular domestic operating systems, developers have chosen three names based on Linux: Astra Linux (Group Astra), Viola OS (Basalt SPO) and Red OS (Red Soft).

According to Yandex.Radar, as of May 28, 2023, in Russia, the share of Windows on desktops is 93.77%, Mac OS is 4.11%, and the remaining 2% is accounted for by all other operating systems. In the meantime, the work of some products without compatibility with Russian operating systems is possible through emulation systems, experts point out.

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