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Safari is getting a great new feature in iOS 17


With this new feature in iOS 17 Safari will be able to read articles in podcast format.

Safari will be able to read the articles to you: this is how this incredible feature of iOS 17 works
The amazing new feature of Safari in iOS 17

Safari seems like one of Apple’s favorite native apps as in recent years the company has devoted considerable attention to improving its browser by adding various functionalities. First they were the extensionssubsequently implemented the change search bar from top to bottomand with iOS 17 the protection through Face or Touch ID in private browsingamong other notable features.

Likewise, in the new version of Safari they have incorporated the profileswhich allow users create users who act independently, as if they were for different people. Each profile can be customized with its own extensions, history, and home screen, among other things.

However, this article does not focus on profiles, but on a new option that makes it possible for our iPhone to read articles to us in a simple waythanks to the press of two buttons. Also, this function allows you to enjoy the articles as if it were a podcastas the player will appear on the iphone lock screen. NextWe will explain how to use this functionality.

New Safari feature to read articles

The new Safari option that will read your articles aloud

Safari articles can be podcasts thanks to iOS 17

Previously, there were several ways to achieve this, such as enabling the option to spoken text and select the desired textor use the function read screen. That will change with the arrival of iOS 17 as the process has been considerably simplified.

The steps to follow to enjoy this function are the following:

  1. We open the application Safari on our iPhone
  2. We access a website and enter an article of interest.
  3. Next, click on the double Aa button located in the lower left corner of the screen.
  4. We select the option “Read Article“.
New Safari feature in iOS 17

Safari articles in podcast format thanks to iOS 17

In this way, the iPhone will start reading the article, working as a podcast, since the player will appear both on the lock screen as in the AirPlay menu of Control Center. Undoubtedly, this addition to Apple’s browser is a great advantage as it allows us to enjoy reading articles in a more accessible way when we have little time.

Remember that iOS 17 is in beta phase for developers, a version that, however, can be tested by everyone if we wish.

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