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Sam Altman Launches Worldcoin Verification Platform


Captcha of the future, which is also paid for: Sam Altman launches the Worldcoin verification platform to the masses

The innovative project has finally left the beta test and is available to a much larger number of users.

Worldcoin, a new cryptocurrency project from Sam Altman, CEO OpenAIabout which we told in mid-May, finally launched today.

The main product of the project is the World ID or “digital passport”, which confirms that its owner is a real person, not artificial intelligence. To get a World ID, you need to go through the procedure of scanning the iris of the eye using a special device – “orb”, a large silver device, comparable in size and shape to a bowling ball. After the “orb” checks that the person is real, it will create a World ID for the user.

The company behind Worldcoin is called Tools for Humanity and has offices in San Francisco and Berlin. At the moment, the project already has about 2 million users since beta testing, and now their number will expand due to the so-called “orbing operations” in 35 cities in 20 different countries.

As a kind of incentive for registration, users are offered the WLD cryptocurrency token. The price of the novelty at the time of publication of the news is low and is about $2.25 per token with a peak of $5.29, according to the Binance website. However cryptocurrency is an unpredictable thing, maybe WLD will skyrocket one day and make Worlcoin users rich.

Alex Blania, co-founder of the project, said that blockchains can store the World ID in such a way as to provide confidentiality and independence from any entity, even from the most malicious hackers.

The philosophy of the project is that the “digital passport” of World ID will supposedly be sorely needed in the era of generative chatbots such as ChatGPT, which produce content remarkably similar to human-made content. The World ID can be used to distinguish between real people and AI bots on the Internet, acting as a kind of CAPTCHA future.

Altman said that the Worldcoin project could also help decide how the world economy will be rebuilt for generative AI. “People will be empowered by artificial intelligence, which will have huge economic consequences,” said the OpenAI founder.

One example that Altman particularly likes is the possibility of introducing universal basic income (UBI) – a social program that provides each person with regular cash payments, regardless of his status on the labor exchange, income level, age and other factors.

As AI will do more and more of the work humans do now in the future, Altman believes UBI can help fight income inequality and ensure the survival of the poor. And since only real people will be able to have a World ID, the project can be used to reduce fraud in the implementation of the UBI program.

Altman believes UBI implementation will take years, but strongly believes that Worldcoin has already laid the groundwork for this to become a reality.

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