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School Party Craft v1.7.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency) Download


For kids and teens, School Party Craft is a cubic-style life simulator. There are many gorgeous females and pleasant boys in the big metropolis at your disposal. You have to do more than just hang around and shop; you also have to acquire houses, meet exciting people, and even drive the sexiest automobiles! Your options are endless in this city: constructing homes and purchasing building materials, furnishings, and doors is only the start of a grand experience. Dress up, stroll in the neighborhood, swim in the pool, visit the theater, and dance the night away to be hip and chic.


There are some magnificent estates with sizable lots where you might tear down the acquired home and construct the cottage of your dreams—a wide assortment of different building components for construction and ornamentation. There are several varieties of furniture available, including chairs, tables, couches, beds, closets, and more. Your home’s design will be completed with the addition of doors, plants, and chandeliers.


You are not alone in the city, so don’t worry. In the city, there are countless individuals with whom you may interact, form friendships, go on walks, go to restaurants and parks, ride supercars together, and hang out in nightclubs. If you like the character, you may add him to your phone book and text him whenever you like.


  • Driving automobiles
  • Mini-games (disco bartender (2nd level), restaurant bartender (1st floor), game of smiles)
  • Chests with coins and numerous bonuses
  • A cruise ship and an aviation flight
  • Swimming (on the beach and in the pools)
  • Character animation is stunning.
  • Cameras in the first and third person
  • Furniture interaction (sit, sleep etc)
  • Weather and time of day variations
  • Controls that are easy to use
  • Optimization for low-power devices (from 1 GB of RAM)
  • You may personalize the gameplay and buttons to your preference.

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