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slip! Genshin Impact newcomer Lyney brings a team of 5-star characters to the gacha booth in the v4.0 update.


Tuesday, July 11, 2023 at 3:32:31 PM, Indochina time.

after Genshin Impact Launching a new water city fontaine Along with revealing new characters that we have already met It is believed that the Taewad people around the world must definitely look forward to the team coming out to announce the character gacha banner. Which is not out of prying people who have been investigating that updating version 4.0 in both phases, who will we meet?

Genshin Impact 4.0 It will be officially released around the end of August. which has many new characters ever And there are not many that we will lose Tangpaykacha together. According to information from a Twitter pryer named HutaoLover77, it has been revealed that fire elemental magician Lyney will be the first 5-star Fontain character to enter the gacha vault in Phase 1 along with Yelan, and for Phase 2 will be the Banner of Zhongli and Tartaglia (Childe).

For those who are waiting Lynette You don’t have to regret it. Because you will update the game during Phase 1 as well, but will come as a new 4-star character in Fontain City, the first in the 4.0 update.

If this leaked information is true, according to pryers. It will become another version of the great banner gacha!

Although Lyney’s style of play is still unclear what form it will come in. and suitable for any computer, but for sure Lyney is a bow type weapon character. and is expected to come in the position of DPS if so It’s perfect for a party with Yoimiya and Yelan.

And there is a famous pryer like Uncle YC has also tweeted that there is a possibility Tartaglia will appear in the Phase 1 banner, and Yelan will go to Phase 2 instead. But Lyney will come in phase 1 for sure Auntie!

There is a possibility that the character free It might be added to Phase 1 gacha machines, but there’s a chance it’s coming to Phase 2 banners in v4.0 as well (or so 50/50), but so far no information has been released yet. Official launch rumors Whoever is waiting for the younger ones will have to stick to the screen to keep up with the news.

However, do not forget that this is just leaked information obtained from pryers. Still have to wait for the next announcement from the official whether it will be in accordance with the above or not!?

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