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Sony sold 600,000 Playstation VR 2 units in six weeks!


Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at 10:05:38 PM, Indochina time.

It’s clear that the PlayStation VR2 is selling significantly better than its predecessor. In the weeks following its release, Sony revealed (PDF) that it sold nearly 600,000 PS VR2 units in its first six weeks of release. That’s about 8 percent more than PS VR sales during the same period. As PushSquare noted, the number only covers sales until early April, so Sony is probably already surpassing the 600,000 threshold. The compatible headset itself is now available at retail after two months of selling exclusively on Sony’s website.

In addition to the successful PS VR2 announcement, Sony has also revealed some information about its future plans. Clearly, Sony intends to spend more money developing new franchises for the PlayStation in the coming years. During fiscal year 2025, the goal is to split investment into PlayStation Studios 50-50 between old and new IPs, mainly focusing on well-known game franchises for consoles such as God of War and Horizon over the years. past In 2019, Sony invested only 20 percent in new real estate development. For fiscal 2023, the focus is still on current IPs, albeit not as much, with 40 percent of the investment in PlayStation Studios going to new franchises.

Another area where Sony intends to spend more money is live services for games like Destiny 2 and MLB: The Show. By fiscal 2025, 60 percent of PS5 investment is expected to go to live streaming services, and 40 percent will go to the game development team. In addition, Sony expects sales from add-ons or downloadable content. But Sony also revealed that the PS5 will soon outpace the PS4 in all key metrics, and believes the PS5 will have more monthly active users with more hours played on the new console. By February 2024, one thing we have to pin is that Sony is selling more PS5 than they expected in fiscal 2022 after successfully solving the shortage crisis.

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