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the best cheap smart TV with Android falls 46%


At half price you can buy one of the reference televisions in the Android TV world.

Xiaomi and QLED: the best cheap smart TV with Android falls 46%
It is one of the few models that have QLED technology and Android TV in the same device.

Do you need a new television? and what do you have android tv as main operating system? Don’t worry, we just found a great price for the Xiaomi Q1E TVone of the first and best Xiaomi televisions that integrates Samsung’s QLED technology into its panel. By 425 euros in PcComponentes you can buy it today, a great reduced from 799 euros release officials.

In other stores we have seen it for 499 euros, like and MediaMarkt either in El Corte Inglés. In the xiaomi store out of hay stock right now. Live the experience of having one of the best tvs with android built in and unleash your imagination with a amazing picture and sound quality.

Xiaomi Q1E TV (55″)

Buy a very good Android TV for a ridiculous price

Xiaomi Q1E 55 TV

The best television with Android TV that you can buy right now is from Xiaomi.

It seems that everything it touches xiaomi turns it into gold or, rather, a bestseller. That is why this television is having a great successnot only because it is from Xiaomi, but because it offers great performance in image and sound, as well as an exceptional smooth user experience and with a perfect system for televisions like Android TV.

This is undoubtedly one of the best televisions that Xiaomi has in your catalog. starting with his QLED panela technology inherited from Samsung that renders colors more brilliantly than other technologies, with vivid colors and all in 4K resolution. In this model we have a 500 nit brightness, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision support.

Xiaomi Mi TV Q1E 55

Xiaomi and QLED technology make up a quality and cheap duo.

As for the sound, it integrates 6 speakers in its lower area that brings us surround sound in everything we see and hear. They are compatible with DTS HD audio and Dolby Audiooffering us a brutal sound experience in everything, be it music, cinema, live concerts or a football game. Its speakers have a total power of 30W RMS and can create a sound system 4.2with two woofers.

If we look at the connectivity section, this Xiaomi TV Q1E has everything of modern life. It has wireless connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 5. At the port level, we have 3 HDMI, 2 USB, optical sound output, Ethernet network input, headphone port and composite video input.

Its remote control has an integrated microphone with which we can communicate with Google Assistant at all times to find content. Also we have chromecastto share the screen of our smartphone, tablet or computer with the smart TV. Integrate a 32GB memory to be able to install all the apps that we need.

Xiaomi Q1E TV (55″)

This television has a very slim design, only 7.92 cm thick with a metal frame throughout the body that makes it more premium in sight. Its weight is 14.1 kg without baseand to be able to hang it on the wall you need a compatible 200 x 200 mm VESA support.

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