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The technology you’ve been dreaming of: flexible display becomes a reality


The technology you’ve been dreaming of: flexible display becomes a reality

Are you ready for your body to become the interface of the future?

Scientists from the University of British Columbia UBC) introduced a new flexible display which can find applications in wearable devices and product packaging.

The created display is capable of a quick and reversible color change, and its flexibility allows it to be stretched by 30% without losing functionality. The main advantage of this device is the use of low power color changing technology based on electrochromic displays.

The researchers used the PEDOT:PSS electrochromic material, which consists of a conductive polymer combined with an ionic liquid. This made it possible to create a flexible electrochromic electrode, which simultaneously performs the functions of an electrochromic element and an ion storage. With this approach, it was possible to simplify the design of the device and abandon the use of a separate flexible conductor.

PEDOT:PSS is a transparent conductive polymer that is highly flexible and easy to process. It can be used as an intermediate layer for hole transport in OLEDs and organic photovoltaic cells. The polymer can also replace transparent electrodes (ITO or FTO), especially in applications where the backing is flexible

The display is transparent and feels like a hard rubber band. To ensure its tensile strength, the researchers added a solid polymer electrolyte and a flexible encapsulation material called styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene (SEBS).

The flexible display has a huge application potential. It can be integrated into wearable biometric monitoring devices, providing real-time visual feedback on health indicators. In addition, such displays can be used in robotics, allowing robots to interact with humans more intuitively and display information.

The low power consumption and affordable cost of the technology make it attractive for use in disposable products, such as tracer medical patches or smart labels on product packaging. It is also possible to actively change the color of the jacket and hat.

While more work is needed to integrate this display into everyday devices, this breakthrough brings us closer to a future where flexible and expandable displays will become a regular part of our daily lives.

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