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They reveal how many iPhones Apple has sold since 2007


In the 16-year history of the iPhone, IDC experts quantify that Apple would have sold some 2.320 million units.

They reveal how many iPhones Apple has sold since 2007
If we count all its generations, surely the iPhone is the best-selling electronic product in history.

ran the year 2007 when the first generation of the iPhone was presented as a revolutionary product, although the launch of the first Apple smartphone actually took place on two dates: the first on January 9, 2007 with a fundamental presentation and the second on June 29 of the same year when it was finally launched on the global market.

There have been many iterations and those that have happened to that iPhone 1st generation.which has led IDC experts to study the sales data of all iPhones in historyfigures that we know Apple is always very reluctant to comment both in their public statements and in their presentations to the media.

Be that as it may, as our classmates told us gizchina in recent news, In these 16 years of life, the iPhone would have garnered no less than 2,320 million units sold across all generations and in all markets where it is available, from its debut to the present day.

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With these figures it seems clear that, although iPod marked the rebirth of a company that has fallen on hard times in Cupertino, it is precisely It is the iPhone that supports the backbone of the apple business todayWell, neither Macs nor iPods were ever able to reach similar figures or a similar penetration in the market.

It was clear to Steve Jobs in his day, when he decided advance the presentation of the first iPhone several months to avoid leaks with the prototypes in the hands of the certifiers, and also assuming all the communication of an essential product to understand the enormous success and the enormous legion of fanboys Y fangirls that Apple has today.

The accounts come out to Apple, with more than 1,000 million iPhones currently activated, according to IDC experts, it already has more than 2,320 million units of its smartphones sold between 2007 and today.

And going back almost to the present, to the year 2022 and in the last review with investors and shareholders conducted by Tim Cook, Cupertino announced another 150 million devices activated globally compared to the previous year, sticking out his chest for having a base of more than 1,800 million active terminals that surely now, in 2023, it has grown a little more.

Those numbers are for all kinds of Apple hardware, so regarding the iPhone specificallythe milestone of the 1 billion smartphones activated simultaneously in the world and accessing Apple services, with a sustained and stable growth even in complex periods like this current crisis, geopolitical tensions and pandemic.

There is no doubt then that Apple is the healthiest company in the mobile industry if we look at their sales figures and business volumes, especially now with more iPhone models available in various price ranges to meet the needs of a much broader audience and potential customers.

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