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Apex Legends Lonely Home Player Finds a Bugs That Pulls Him into a Room Alone Plus get free rank points without having to do anything!!


Monday, January 23, 2023, 5:54:39 ​​AM, Indochina time

I have to admit one thing about the game. Battle Royal famous as Apex Legends Because if talking about popularity I have to admit that it is one of the most popular games compared to the games in the same genre. But despite how great the game itself is It doesn’t mean that it will be perfect until there are no problems in any way.


because of the game Apex Legends It is considered one of the best games. insect Including the gathering of all the divine players beyond human beings Partly because the game is designed to be free to play, so those players don’t care about other people’s feelings. and use such methods to take advantage of others without caring about anything

latest game Apex Legends has created a phenomenon insect big time again when the user reddit which is named Masansa While the game was about to start, he noticed that He was the only one in this room, and didn’t even have any teammates or worldly companions. Even if in the end, when the plane reaches a certain point, the game will end and announce the end immediately. But it made the said player to be haunted in this event quite enough.

And it doesn’t seem like it’s the first such incident. because a few days ago there was a user reddit named

Even now the way reborn will not come out to acknowledge the problem in this but there is a possibility that insect That may be a server issue to some players who may find a way to do it. insect Until causing this game to have problems with the entire server being disconnected like when 2 The previous year was also possible.

Have to wait and see if the way reborn how to solve this problem or way reborn will ignore the problem and let the players get points R.P.A.P. It’s free forever, you have to keep following.

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