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this is the new portable console compatible with streaming games from PlayStation 5


Sony wants to compete in mobility with its new ‘Project Q’, although along the way it has left us with a sea of ​​doubts about how its first portable console in years will work.

sony "Project Q"This is the new portable console compatible with PlayStation 5 streaming games
This is ‘Project Q’, Sony’s portable console, with the PlayStation 5 and its TWS headphones.

He mobile game come back strong Friends of Nintendo hit the key with its successful Switch and the market responded by buying millions of consoles from them, so little by little we have seen more and more competitors on many different platformsstarting with the steam deck under SteamOS/Linux, the ASUS ROG ally with Windows and including the Logitech G Cloud with Android, which are the leading options after Google left us without Stadia and without transmission video game itself.

Is now Sony with its very popular PlayStation who presents us with a new concept of portable console, which is called ‘Project Q’ (at least for now) and that will arrive later this year, 2023, in order to allow us to play PS5 games through Remote Play anywhere and with a Wi-Fi connection.

In any case, as reported by colleagues the edgethere are many the unknowns that Sony leaves usand it is that we do not know what firmware or operating system will move the device, nor if it will be allowed to play only in transmission with the PlayStation 5 turned on or we can run all the games purchased and compatible with Remote Play directly on the portable device.

That’s how they introduced us from the event playstation display to the new ‘Project Q’that indeed It is postulated as an accessory or extension of PS5 and not as a proper portable console:

We will be releasing a dedicated device that will allow you to stream any game from your PS5 console using Remote Play over Wi-Fi. Known internally as ‘Project Q’, it has an 8-inch FHD screen and all the buttons and features of the DualSense wireless controller. Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation.

As for Sony’s portable console, we know that it will have a screen of the type 8-inch IPS LCD with FHD 1080p resolution and 60 hertz refresh rateplus dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, haptic feedback double meaning and adaptive triggersoffering the same experience as the PS5 wireless controller and the ability to run games on transmission.

Yes indeed, we don’t know anything about your hardware nor has it revealed what operating system it will use, but only that will be available at the end of the year at a still undefined price.

Obviously we wanted to go one step further, and Given the lack of definition of Sony, we have reviewed the media online and read between the lines to draw the conclusion that, with respect to what we know of ‘Project Q’, everything seems to indicate it will not be a device on which to play nativelybut a kind of portable extension that will allow us to play the games installed on our PS5 on the move.

Maybe in the future it will be added the ability to run Sony’s cloud gaming serviceand in fact it would be very logical that this option was enabled when ‘Project Q’ become a reality by the end of 2023. We also do not know if the portable console can be used with the PS5 turned offand although remote playback supports connections through smartphones, the truth is that here Sony only talks about Wi-Fi perhaps because of the bandwidth requirements of the games.

So it doesn’t seem like it’s a rival to Steam Deck or ROG Ally, and we don’t know either How will this kind of mix between Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Switch work?but at least PS5 fans will have an option to play their favorite video games with a handheld console.

It will be time to pay attention to Sony!

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