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This Valentine’s Day, don’t brackish, open a business “hired to play games as a friend” that will make the loneliness disappear completely!


Tuesday, January 24, 2023, 6:58:00 p.m. Indochina time

It’s getting closer to the month of love and I think it’s probably one of the months that people who don’t have a girlfriend should feel dreaded because they have to meet couples showing their love to each other or they might feel sad during this time. The old one that no longer exists today. As a result, some people have to find ways to solve problems such as going to parties. including playing games with friends in order to stop being distracted


However, not everyone is able to go out and make friends all the time, or some people get so busy that they can’t do many things together. In addition, making new friends seems to be very difficult. and while the author is traveling the world Facebook enjoyably was able to meet with a fan page By using the page name to describe your concept straightforwardly. which is named ” Hire a friend to play games


for fan page” Hire a friend to play games ” The meaning of this business is quite straightforward. It will give the opportunity to ” customer ” Able to play games with team members within the group Of course, it’s not just limited to playing games, because it can be hired to talk about grievances, comfort, talk about various things, all can be done. The price rates will vary as follows.

  • Hilarious Hiring to Play Games as Friends will be priced at 45 baht/hour
  • Hiring to play a game of feeling fans will be priced at 60 baht/hour
  • The more you pay in bulk, the cheaper the price will be.
  • There are many games to choose from to play together, from VALORANT , LoL , Genshin Impact , Dead by Daylight and many more

which after the author sees such a fan page therefore sneaking in to peek inside disagreement It can be seen that within the group there are members participating. and interested in such services as high as 600 than people, plus there are various activities to receive discounts, credit checks to be used for deciding who to use the service to buy the system VIP in order to receive many privileges



And most recently, it seems that a few weeks ago, the fan page added new activities. By inviting friends to sit “watch movies, series and anime” added and each topic will have a different price. Which is suitable for people who want to find something to see But don’t want to sit and watch alone, it’s considered one of the ideas that are quite interesting.

Finally, this article is not a sales promotion. But made it out because I felt that this business was quite interesting and thought that it would meet the needs of people who often have to play games alone. Which hiring friends to play games with is not wrong. It should also help change the atmosphere as well as add new perspectives to see more or anyone who wants to try using the service to play a fan game once. in order to practice before meeting the real thing in the future It is quite an interesting thing.

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