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Tower of Fantasy releases new trailer for Lyra and announces return of Nemesis!!


Wednesday, December 14, 2022, 4:11:28 PM, Indochina time

Come by the real appointment, don’t be stingy. After a few days before Tower of Fantasy has announced the launch Simulacrum new person like Tian Lang An electric elemental boy who is good at using spears. by preparing to enter the game officially December 22 Which comes with various details that should be added inthis article

And it’s not over yet. Because the last time the team Tower of Fantasy released a sample of Simulacrum New people prepare to enter the game like Lyra Which will be a physical character with the ability to restore health. Including quick and powerful attacks by characters. Lyra There are plans to enter the game officially. December 22 with new characters like Tian Lang there

but before reaching Tian Lang and Lyra To do so, it is necessary to pass through a giant hurdle which is the Gachari Run machine of Nemesis There are plans to come back to open again since December 15 to Dec. 26 For the main lightning element team players as well as wanting to strengthen the team. It is considered another character that should not be allowed to slip away.

Finally, the way Tower of Fantasy The game will be updated into the version. 2.2 officially since December 22, 2022 onwards, which will come with a new map Mirroria To explore more and many new activities to have fun together for a long time until the year. 2023 let’s go

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