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VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Masters Tokyo Reveals Details Of Three Playoffs To Watch In Detail


VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Masters Tokyo Reveals Details Of Three Playoffs To Watch In Detail

Friday, June 16, 2023, 6:11:13 a.m. Indochina time

After going into the rest period for more than 1 Full day for competitions in the program VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Tokyo Masters which is advancing into the round playoffs official which can go to read the summary of the competition in the round group stage can get inthis article

for the competition VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Tokyo Masters time playoffs will use the competition in the form double elimination or if losing, there is still a chance at the bottom line to recover This competition will have all participating teams. 8 The team consists of

  • Paper Rex
  • Dr. X
  • NRG esports
  • Team Liquid
  • edward game
  • as
  • evil genius

therefore making today the way 4 gamers will mention 3 Team to watch for the competition in the list VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Tokyo Masters time playoffs Which teams are interesting and may come to overtake the curve in this tour? There will be details as follows.

1. Evil Genius

One of the tightest agencies that won tickets to the round playoffs Be the first team from the round group stage by showing skills above the Korean candidate Dr. X even though the arrangement Comp Theirs will not be much different from the top teams. But with the ability to shoot sharply, the courage of the team to the delivery of goods like holding hands, thus making evil genius It is one team that is worth keeping an eye on.


But they seemed to be a bit underwhelmed. thus making in the first battle evil genius Must come across the most tight agency as which had given them defeat twice before thus making the climb up to the round grand final Theirs may be a bit difficult to start with, but if evil genius Able to control his own form, counterattacking with different teams in the lower bracket may not be much of a problem.

2. Edward Games

The strongest agency from China, led by two skilled players consisting of a young boy 19 year ZmjjKK and smog which in this competition must accept that way edward game It is considered that the overall work has come out so well that it is shocking and above the meaning of many people in the best way, whether it is the sharpness of Operator Until making the agency famous born to win to the trembling face and giving defeat to Tee 1 A famous agency from Korea, wrinkled, thus making the fan base of edward game There has been an overwhelming increase from all over the world.


which the first round of playoffs way edward game must meet the former champion from the zone Middle East and Africa at team liquid Personally, the author would rather give this team the lowest in both candidates. 4 and if edward game able to win over Team Liquid Come and tell me 7 The rest of the team can prepare for hot and cold weather.

3. Paperex

One of the famous agencies which won the last championship from the list VCT 2023: Pacific Come recently, which, if asked why this team was brought up, is because competition in the list VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Tokyo Masters affiliation Paper Rex has been missing a core piece like Ilya.” something “Petrov goes there, even if they have a tight substitute like Patiphan.” CGRS “Porsi, but personally I think their play should have been slightly slower than Benedict’s.” Benkai ” Tan because the team lacks a positive line. 1 That person (from the original 3 consists of Jink , f0rsakN and something )


In the first match they had to face with heavy objects. Which is one of the battles to wash the eyes of the opponent forever Dr. X and the more unavailability of players therefore making them quite difficult to fight this battle, but if Paper Rex able to win over the jurisdiction Dr. X Came to say that their ranking is not lower than that. 3 certain “

Finally, we have to wait and see if the competition in the program. VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Masters Tokyo thatWhich team will be able to produce great results and win the rankings? 1 of the list is successful, we have to wait and follow each other

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