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VALORANT enters the game with a surprise Ignite Capsule, a new exclusive collection of skins to celebrate the launch of the game’s Chinese server. official


Friday, July 14, 2023, 8:31:06 a.m. Indochina time

After announcing the grand opening for the game value in the Chinese server that has been officially open since July 12, 2023 Of course, with the hits of the game Including being the world’s first standalone server. thus making players from China Together they jumped into it until the game had to queue up. to enter the server ever

for the interest of the game value The official launch of the Chinese server will have many features. Unlike the main server, they have the right to test various systems before bringing them to other game servers to use, whether

  • watch manual Various within the game
  • view information Player Statistics whether to use representative Who, how many times and what weapons are used often?
  • have a system chat within the game
  • watch the game e-sports Within the game, it can be chilling.
  • video recording system or replay that many people are longing for

But the fullness of value That’s not all, because the team has announced the launch of a new collection. which plans to officially enter the Chinese server The skin will be named ignition capsule For the weapon will come in the theme of a cool Chinese fan and can be upgraded to 2 Colors to be switched to solve boredom again.

For such a collection will come in the form of special like Arcane and the regular collection of the competition expert Within the collection will be

  • fan light
  • 2 player card type
  • light a fire Spray 2 type
  • light a fire Title 2 type
  • total price 4700 Vice President (Compulsory to buy the whole set)

At first, the author understands that such a collection may take some time before it plans to enter other servers, but it turns out that when the morning of July 14, 2023 The team has picked up a new collection like ignition capsule Enter the game with plans to release for more than 22 day or about August 6, 2023 only


Finally, there is some interesting news from the way. Twitter of VALORANT LEAKS & NEWS Has revealed that approximately July 31 A new collection will be announced. which is the protagonist skin of the year-end big show in the list value Champions 2023 It is one of the finest collections worth collecting and because the collection of the competition will not be sold again. This makes both collections highly collectible. But for those who have a low budget, you may have to carefully weigh which side you like. so as not to regret it later

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