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VALORANT reveals Team Deathmatch details, coming in a 5v5 format that comes with full-on


VALORANT reveals Team Deathmatch details, coming in a 5v5 format that comes with full-on

Friday, June 16, 2023, 5:58:32 PM, Indochina time.

A few weeks ago, the team value Has come out to announce updates about the new system. which plans to enter the game value during Chapter 7 Whether it’s a competitive system Premier Complete edition, new money, decorative shops and many more, which can go to read more details atthis article

the latest on the channel YouTube of value released a sample movies Briefly and revealing the details of the new mode Team Deathmatch This will allow players to fight each other with gunshots. But there will be a combination of various features, including picking up an “agent ability” system that will make the game so cumbersome that it may cause some computers to lie still.

by system details Team Deathmatch way Twitter of famous data miners like VALORANT Leaks and News has been brought out to speak which are briefly detailed as follows:

  • mode Team Deathmatch will compete in the form of 5v5
  • Total time per game will be 9 minute 30 second
  • When dealt with, will respawn every 1.5 second
    • They spawn at the beginning of each side.
    • There will be a barrier to prevent being killed for a period of time. 15 seconds or until some action is performed, such as shooting a gun, walking, running, etc.
  • The win condition is to kill all enemies. 100 the first to win
    • but if not complete And which side kill points more will win immediately
    • If the score is equal, it will be settled as “Tie”.
  • can pick representative get all characters
  • The competition will be divided into 4 stage Including choosing to use different guns as follows
    • Stage 1 | All handguns except prefect
    • Stage 2 | Stinger, Ares and prefect
    • Stage 3 | Bulldog , Guardian , specter and Ares
    • Stage 4 | Ghost and barbaric
  • Abilities can be used repeatedly, but there will be cool down
  • can walk to collect “various guns” on the map, for example Odin or Operator
  • have orb various things to collect, such as increasing blood, unlocking superb and others
  • At the end of the game you will receive 1000 experience

In addition, one more interesting mode. Team Deathmatch is that the developer has picked up a map within the game to customize Until getting a new map and picking up the strengths of each map to use so that playing is not monotonous For the new map within the said mode will consist of 3 The following map

  • square (way up)
  • District (Split)
  • Kasbah (tied)

Finally, a new mode like Team Deathmatch There are plans to enter the game officially. June 28 It will come with Chapter 7 and Battle Pass full new Which must wait and follow that after this, the team will bring out some updates to make the game more interesting in the future We have to wait and see.

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