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Singapore releases robocops on the streets


The Singapore Police Force plans to increase the use of robot police officers throughout the city.

After 5 years of testing and deployment on a smaller scale of autonomous mobile surveillance systems, patrol robots will gradually deployed throughout Singapore.

Singapore is not the first time using patrol robots. In 2021 the state launched tests of the ground robot Xavier , who patrolled high-traffic public areas to strengthen the work of government officials to promote the health and safety of the population. The robot is designed to detect improper parking of bicycles, mopeds on footpaths, smoking in public places and other violations.

WITH April 2023 2 autonomous MATAR 3.0 robots with rotating cameras, flashing lights, sirens and 2.3-meter retractable masts drive around Singapore Airport Terminal 4. The police can communicate directly with the public through robot speakers or via video link. All videos are kept at the airport for 30 days.

Patrol robot MATAR3.0

MATAR 2.0 patrol robots have become commonplace during the COVID-19 pandemic as they patrol residential complexes and malls looking for social distancing violators.

One of the benefits of using patrol robots during COVID was that they did not put law enforcement at risk of getting infected. Now that the city-state no longer has social distancing measures and masks, Singapore has decided that the need for “extra eyes remains relevant.”

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