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VALORANT won the championship right after the event. When the 3 main players of BLEED Esports may not continue to compete next year.


VALORANT won the championship right after the event.  When the 3 main players of BLEED Esports may not continue to compete next year.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023, 4:31:21 a.m. Indochina time

After being affiliated with Blood Esports Has come out to show the most intense skills Until being able to win the championship in the program VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific Ready to raise the level for the subordinate to step into league The biggest game value Comparable to giants like FNATIC , Talon Esports , Paper Rex and many others, able to read more detailsthis article

Of course, before the competition started, it would be early in the year. 2024 Thus making the player now bleeding e-sports Received time to prepare from the silent race. Although there is news about “sub-competitions” which will come in the middle to fix the team Level 2 and team in league came to practice hand But that is a long way to go and at present there is not much definite announcement of the event.

But it seems that the way Blood Esports Will not have much time to sit and chill like others Because there is news about the key players of the team. grandson Which came out to reveal that

“He will not compete with the team. Blood Esports next year (2024)

The reason this time is not very strange. Because the main players like grandson hold citizenship Singapore In accordance with the laws of his country is “a man of nationality Singapore must “receive all military service for a period of time 2 year”, thus making grandson in age 20 years, had to let go of being pro player to serve the nation Including skilled players like Jing may have to assume this role as well

But not only grandson Only because the main player like juicy It seems that the opportunity to participate in the competition. Le as well as large By referring to VALORANT Rules Alliance Team (According to the website of ) It appears that the age of players to be able to participate in such contests is 18 years and older, thus making young people aged 17 year like juicy May not be able to enter the competition in time because the age has not reached the rules of riot there

In addition, another suspicious thing would be an important player like Drayon In which the person has come out to reveal various details, which have an interesting theme in a nutshell

9 Months after he decided to drop out of school. to take on the role as a competitive full time

If referring to the sentence above to predict that Drayon There should be an age range around high school – college, resulting in the person being in the same situation. juicy where the age is not 18 years and even at the age to be able to compete for real But in the future, the person should retire from the competition. to serve the country according to friends because Drayon is another player with nationality Singapore as well as grandson there

Thus making the spearhead now of Blood Esports will only be left scary and crazy people Only because if it is as expected, the way Blood Esports Had to hurry to find a new set of players to strengthen the army for the agency in the year 2024 as soon as possible


But from the work on the latest list, the author has the feeling that the players from the agency Boom e-sports Considered quite interesting in this addition to the army. Due to their outstanding playing skills, as well as their daring play and their competitive experience is still quite high, making Boom e-sports It’s one of the teams that is quite the answer. Blood Esports At present, there are not many

In any case, the agency has not yet revealed the exact details, which must wait and follow to see whether there will be a change of players, transferring players or possibly releasing the said slot to other agencies. We have to wait and follow each other.

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