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VALORANT x Spider-Man, a new agent Deadlock, will feature a global partnership between Riot Games and Spider-Man.


Monday, June 26, 2023 at 4:12:58 PM Indochina time.

After Riot Games, the developer of the VALORANT game, has released a new VALORANT agent number 23, Deadlock, a strong female agent named Sentinels with amazing abilities thanks to Deadlock VALORANT. It has the ability to create spider web-like nanowires from the high-tech hand tools of the Deadlock VALORANT. (Read more)

new character Disruption of VALORANT Has the most ability to cheat from skill sonic sensor That will make her able to know every movement of the enemy And when the skill sonic sensor of characters value interruption Activate her advanced device to explode like a tiny spider web area, trapping enemies. CC stun status and also has the most cheating ultimate skill like destruction that will shoot out nano-cobweb fibers to capture enemies like being trapped in a cocoon Along with ordering the death of the enemy caught in the absence of a friend to help

With all of the aforementioned abilities of Agent Number 23, the new character Disruption of VALORANT So many people can’t help but think that riot game must have been inspired inspired come from spider man super hero from the universe surprised because of skill interruption emitting nanowires from high-tech equipment is similar to the power of spider man that can shoot spider webs out of web shot spider web launcher spider man too much, including skill sonic sensor similar to Spider-Sense of spider man

Therefore, now the netizens in the media social media Many imagined that we might see riot game join hands with Sony copyright owner spider man in collab production of gun skins VALORANT x Spiderman out for game fans frames per second fantasy value Catching up in the future is possible. because of the flow of spider man is becoming extremely popular from animated cartoons. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse which has been acclaimed and is currently sweeping huge amounts of money from all over the world (But let me tell you, it’s very difficult.)

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