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what do you need to know and do?

what do you need to know and do?


Human rights in the age of AI: what you need to know and do?

Professor Christopher Markou talked about the implications of using AI for different areas of life and how to ensure its ethics and fairness.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can have a significant impact on human rights such as the right to life, liberty, equality and justice. This was stated by Professor Christopher Markou, an expert in law and AI from the University of Kings College London, in his lecture at the AI ​​for Good Global Summit 2023 conference.

Professor Marcu talked about the various applications of AI, such as healthcare, education, security and justice, and how they can affect human rights. He also outlined some of the main issues and challenges associated with AI such as discrimination, transparency, accountability and participation.

He emphasized that AI is not a neutral tool, but reflects the values ​​and preferences of those who create and use it. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account ethical and legal aspects in the development and regulation of AI. He also called for international cooperation and dialogue among all stakeholders to ensure that human rights are respected in the age of AI.

Professor Markou’s lecture was one of many sessions at the AI ​​for Good Global Summit 2023 conference, which took place from June 26 to 30 in Geneva under the auspices of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The purpose of the conference was to discuss the opportunities and risks of AI to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to promote the development of inclusive, trusting and human AI.


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