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What is Snapchat Planet Order and how does it work?


Snapchat is not coming slow when it comes to surprising and captivating its users with innovative features. Snapchat Planet Order is a recent addition; with this, users’ curiosity has risen. In this article, we will explain Snapchat Planet Order and delve into what it is, and how this intriguing feature operates in the app.

What is Snapchat Planet Order and how does it work?

What are Snapchat Planets?

Snapchat Planets is a new element introduced in Snapchat Plus, the premium service designed to elevate the social experience. Yes, if you are wondering whether it’s related to the solar system then you’ve guessed right. Just like the celestial harmony of the solar system, where each planet orbits the sun at a distinct distance, Snapchat Plus places the user at the center of the Freind Solar system.

In simple words, imagine yourself at the center, just like the sun, surrounded by the top eight friends, each designated a unique planet. As we traverse through the line, each subsequent planet represents the next in line of the most interacted with friends. This new feature, in a way, showcases and celebrates the orbits of closest connections within the vast galaxy of the social sphere.

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How does Snapchat Planet Order work?

Now the question arises here as to who these 8 friends will be and why differentiate between these and others. The answer is pretty simple: the app only selects the companion with whom we share the highest streaks and ranks them in order of the planet in the solar system.

Friend allotted with Mercury who is the first planet in the solar system symbolizes that they are the person with whom you have shared most streaks. Here, Mercury struts its cosmic charm as a crimson orb, flaunting red hearts around its orbits.

Next is Venus, the solar’s second planet and your second confidant. It is depicted as this chic, light brown planet, adorned with a delightful dance of yellow, pink, and blue hearts twirling around it.

Just like Earth is the third planet in the solar system, the person allotted this planet also symbolizes the same, all decked out in the familiar hues of blue and green with a cute little Moon, and surrounded by stars and hearts.

Mars symbolizes the 4the most streaks shared person, depicted as this crimson orb with stars and purple and blue hearts, next is Jupiter. It’s the 5th closest or most streaks shared person, dressed in a snazzy reddish orange ensemble with stars around it. Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune follow the same sequence, with friend allotted Neptune, being the person with the least number of streaks shared among the 8 people.

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How do you know if a friend has a planet on Snapchat?

Before exploring the ranking of friends’ Snapchat planet, we must ensure that we have subscribed to Snapchat Plus. Once subscribed, we can observe the presence of a best Friends or friends badge outlined in gold within a friend’s profile. The Best Friends badge signifies the mutual top-eight placement while the Friends badge denotes the presence in their top eight; however, reciprocation is not guaranteed, meaning that they are not your top eight.

Users can simply tap on those badges to reveal the designated position in the Friend Solar system. Just open the Friend’s profile, click on the badge, and voila you can see what planet is allotted to you, and what it denotes. For example, if you are designed as Earth, this means you are the third person with whom your friends shared the most streaks. The most important thing to keep in mind is that this feature is only unlocked for Snapchat Plus subscribers, so people with normal Snapchat should not get saddened when they can’t find it.

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Which planet is a real planet on Snapchat?

Snapchat uses a metaphorical ‘Friendship profile’ with planets as a playful way to represent the ranking of friends. For example, Mercury and Mars are the two planets that are presented with crimson-colored orbs with twinkling stars and hearts around them in the Snapchat Friends Solar system. Mercury being the first planet in the solar system symbolizes the first closest friend(the person with whom you’ve shared the most streaks), whereas Mars being fourth symbolizes the 4th best friend.

These planetary designations are imaginative and are just fun elements to represent the friendship status within Snapchat. They do not correspond to any actual celestial bodies in the solar system.

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What is Snapchat Planet Order and how does it work?

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