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Wikipedia changes its design for the first time in 10 years


The Wikimedia Foundation has announced a major redesign of the Wikipedia user interface, the most significant in the last decade.

Wikipedia changes its design for the first time in 10 years
The classic interface of Wikipedia, one of the most visited web pages in the world

It is one of the ten web pages most visited in the world, and despite this, its design has barely changed in the last ten years. That, however, is about to change.

wikimedia foundation has announced today an important interface redesign Wikipedia.org, with the aim of improving the experience when consult information and share knowledge.

It’s about the first major design update in the last ten years, and as of today it will be available to the vast majority of users of the platform.

New Wikipedia interface

The new Wikipedia interface marks the biggest change to the platform’s interface in 10 years.

From the Wikimedia Foundation they assure that the update is designed to meet the needs of the new generation of Internet users, regardless of their knowledge of the network of networks. They explain that the new interface has been developed in collaboration with members of Wikipediaas well as volunteer readers and editors.

As the most important news of the update, Wikimedia cites four changes:

  • improved search– Improved search experience that now leverages images and descriptions that make it easier to find articles on Wikipedia, leading to a 30 percent increase in user searches based on testing.
  • Easier language change– More prominently placed language switching tools that enable multilingual readers and publishers to more quickly find their preferred language and switch between more than 300 languages.
  • new header– Updated sticky header with commonly used links like Search, Page Name, and Sections that move with connected users as they scroll. This allows users to focus on reading and editing, and reduces scroll fatigue with user tests showing a scroll rate decrease of more than 15 percent.
  • Improved Table of Contents: provides context about the article and the ability to navigate throughout the reading experience.

Apart from the main news, Wikimedia shares a publication with all the changes that have been carried outIllustrated with screenshots and animated images. They also take the opportunity to indicate that the new interface does not remove any functionality already present on the web, but only add tools with which to improve the experience based on the commentary of more than thirty different volunteers from all over the world.

The update is already rolling out on the English language Wikipediaand 94% of Wikipedia’s 318 language versions also have the new design already active.

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