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will pay you more for your iPhone if you buy a Pixel Fold


Apple does not have a foldable iPhone and Google knows it, so in Mountain View they want to attract customers by tempting them more than ever to change their iPhone for a Pixel Fold.

Google wants to fish in Apple: it will pay you more for your iPhone if you buy a Pixel Fold
Google already has its first folding mobile, this Pixel Fold that will be sold in a very limited way.

When Google was introducing the pixel fold during the I/O 2023 my head only thought about the success of that format change and that I wanted a Pixel Fold for myself usualat least until Mountain View confirmed his price of 1,899 euros and the limited availabilityrestricted to UK, US, Germany and Japan.

Perhaps for this reason, because he knows that his first folding Pixel is very expensive, since Google have created a buyback program similar to that of other manufacturers in its Storealthough in his case with a very clear premise: take advantage of the fact that Apple does not have any folding and fishing in Cupertino with irresistible offers.

That is how It is understood that Google has overvalued the iPhone so much when making an exchange for a Pixel Fold in its official store, on all 2021 models, the iPhone 13that can be delivered to Google receiving the same buyback price as an equivalent iPhone 14 for equal memory:

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max or iPhone 13 Pro Max (128 GB).- 855 euros
  • iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro (128 GB).- 815 euros
  • iPhone 14 or iPhone 13 (128 GB).- 735 euros
  • iPhone 13 mini (128 GB).- 650 euros
  • iPhone 12 Pro (128 GB).- 590 euros

For putting these repurchase prices in context, as confirmed by our colleagues Android HD Blogneedless to say a Pixel 7 Pro from Google itself would be delivered for a “ridiculous” 430 eurosor a 2021 Galaxy Z Fold3 for 310 euros and even the few are also noteworthy 380 euros of the Galaxy S22 Ultra (128 GB).

It becomes clear that Google is interested in convincing iPhone users, or at least intriguing themwith that of a foldable smartphone. And what better than to do it with its option, the Pixel Fold, which will take advantage of the best symbiosis of the Android catalog between software and hardwarewith the Android 12L-specific enhancements and with the concept more similar to how Apple would do it with a hypothetical iPhone Fold.

Google wants to attract Apple users thanks to its Pixel Fold, or at least intrigue them, since especially those who have an iPhone 13 of any of the models will be able to receive very good ratings to exchange their mobile for Google’s first foldable.

Having said that, if you are in any of the selected markets to receive the Pixel Fold and you have, for example, an iPhone 13 mini, which has not been very successful, you should know that you can already get 650 euros, no less, exchanging it for a Google foldable that, yes, it will change your paradigm at an equally high price.

Let’s see if Google dares to place Spain among its priority countrieswell for now we ran out of Pixel Fold, without Pixel Tablet, without Pixel Watch and without many of the products that Google has been presenting in recent times… We also want the ‘made by Google’ ones here!

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