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You can deactivate someone’s WhatsApp account with a simple email


You can deactivate someone’s WhatsApp account with a simple email

This vulnerability may have already been fixed.

ESET cybersecurity specialist Jake Moore discovered and posted on Twitter a way to block someone else’s account whatsapp – just write to the technical support of the service and indicate the phone number associated with the account.

Jake Moore found a weakness in the platform administration system in the help section. It says that if the phone is lost or stolen, you can ask tech support to block your WhatsApp account by sending her an email with the phone number. The expert tested this method on a test phone and got a positive result – technical support blocked the account without any additional checks. In doing so, he used a postal address that was not associated with him.

This can be both dangerous for honest messenger users and useful for those who are faced with theft or espionage. However, it is worth considering that WhatsApp technical support only blocks the account, and does not permanently delete it. The account owner can receive messages for 30 days and restore his account if he has time – otherwise it will be erased forever.

Later, Jake Moore wrote another tweet in which he said that it looks like vulnerability fixed. When he tried to repeat his experiment, WhatsApp tech support replied that they had received his request and would respond when they could. Perhaps, after the vulnerability was disclosed, the messenger was inundated with requests to block accounts, or the blocking mechanism was changed.

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