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Avos hackers hacked the university and notified all students via SMS


Avos hackers hacked the university and notified all students via SMS

AvosLocker took over the emergency broadcast system and threatened to release student data unless the university paid the ransom.

The Avos ransomware gang has taken over Bluefield University’s “RamAlert” emergency broadcast system to send SMS and email alerts to students and staff that their data has been stolen and will be released soon.

Bluefield University is a small Baptist private university in Bluefield, Virginia with about 900 students.

April 30 university reported students and staff about a cyber attack that affected the IT systems of the institution, as a result of which all exams were postponed indefinitely. The university initially claimed that the investigation found no evidence of any financial fraud or identity theft.

But on May 1, 2023, it was revealed that the Avos faction (AvosLocker operators) still had access to the university’s RamAlert system, an emergency alert system used to alert students and staff by email and text of campus emergencies.

“Hello Bluefield University students! We are Avoslocker ransomware. We hacked the university network to extract 1.2 TB files. We have data on the admission of thousands of students. Your personal information may end up on the dark web. in messages hackers.

As evidence, the cybercriminals said the group posted a sample of the stolen data on their dark web site. In the messages, the hackers shared instructions on how to gain access to the leak site.

In the latest message, the Avos group urged recipients to report the incident to the media and threatened to release all the stolen data unless the university paid them a ransom.

Later that day, the extortion gang released a sample of stolen data, including payroll and tax reports (Form W-2) of the university president and documents related to insurance policies.

The use of the emergency alert system is likely intended to prevent the university administration from downplaying the consequences of a cyberattack or denying a possible data theft, which significantly increased the pressure of hackers on the educational institution.

Bluefield University noted that system recovery efforts are still ongoing and no evidence of misuse of student data has yet been found. The university acknowledged that the RamAlert system had indeed been hacked and urged affected students and staff not to click on the links or respond to messages.

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