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Azerbaijani police detain hunters for trade secrets


Eastern cyberattack: Azerbaijani police detain hunters for trade secrets

Alexander Antipov

A large food company was targeted by hackers.

Azerbaijani police detain hunters for trade secrets

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan received information about a cyber attack against a leading food company. Criminals, using complex algorithms and social engineering methods, gained unauthorized access to servers where valuable commercial information was stored.

Through the use of special software, police officers were able to identify and locate the perpetrators. They were Murad Rzayev, Ibrahim Aleskerov and Elvin Alimamedov. They not only gained access to confidential information constituting the company’s commercial secret, but also tried to sell it for 60,000 manats (3,191,400 rubles).

Buyers had to pay 10,000 manat (531,900 rubles) monthly to continue marketing the data. However, not a single deal could be made: the hackers were caught. Police specialists examined the encrypted information, studied the details of the cyber attack and established the exact coordinates of the criminals.

In connection with the illegal acquisition of computer data, a criminal case was initiated against the detained men under Articles 271.2.2 (unauthorized access to a computer system by a group of persons by prior agreement) and 272.2.2 (illegal acquisition of computer data by a group of persons) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The investigation is ongoing, and the accused are currently under arrest.

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