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BlackCat Group Attacks Turnstile Manufacturer and Reveals NATO and Aibaba Data


BlackCat Group Attacks Turnstile Manufacturer and Reveals NATO and Aibaba Data

The ALPHV/BlackCat group claimed responsibility for the attack on Automatic Systems, a subsidiary of the French conglomerate Bolloré. The gang’s post on the dark web leak site includes more than a hundred samples of stolen data, ranging from non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to copies of passports.

Automatic Systems confirmed the attack and said the hack took place on June 3, when the attackers targeted “part of the company’s servers.” Automatic Systems took protective measures to stop the spread of ransomware and turned to external security experts who work around the clock with the firm’s IT teams. In addition, the company contacted Belgian law enforcement agencies.

ALPHV/BlackCat announced the attack on June 12th. According to the hackers, they stole personal data of partners and clients of the company, financial data, passport data of partners and clients, and other confidential information.

Message on the ALPHV/BlackCat website

The group also stated that the stolen data included confidential documents on cooperation with NATO and the procurement of equipment for military companies, as well as detailed diagrams of the installation and use of such equipment. The attackers also added many samples of stolen data. Including, the publication presents an NDA between the victims and the Chinese retailer Alibaba, documents that the company signed with the French defense contractor Thales.

In November, the French defense and technology company Thales confirmed that recent leaking her data by LockBit 3.0 grouping – not fake, but denies that its systems were hacked. But the question of how exactly hackers could get the company’s data without hacking into its systems remains open. Thales hinted at the answer in a statement, casually blaming an outside contractor for its recent woes.

Recently, the ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware gang claimed that casepoint legal platform hack proved the cooperation of Google and Meta * with intelligence agencies, and revealed top-secret information about the smuggling of workers into the United States. Cybercriminals leak on their website claim that stole 2 TB of Casepoint confidential data, including company data, attorney documents, and other sensitive information.

* The Meta company and its products (Instagram and Facebook) are recognized as extremist, their activities are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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