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browser with super resolution or super espionage?


Microsoft Edge: Super resolution browser or super spyware?

How to turn off the feature that sends your photos to Microsoft without your knowledge.

A few days ago Microsoft Edge became the object of criticism when it turned out that due to an error in browser search history goes to Bing. Now it’s worth paying attention to another feature that can send all images viewed on the Internet to Microsoft.

This is a built-in image enhancement tool that, according to Microsoft, can apply “super resolution to improve the clarity, sharpness, lighting, and contrast of images on the web.” The feature seems attractive, but the latest updates to Microsoft Edge Canary have shown how it actually works.

It turned out that the browser does not improve images on the device, but sends links to them to Microsoft.

Screenshot of Edge’s super resolution feature

The main problem with the “super resolution” feature of Edge and other similar services is that it is enabled by default. This means that users who do not know about it allow the browser to submit their photos to Microsoft for processing and enhancement. To prevent transmission, do the following:

  • Open Microsoft Edge and go to the main menu.
  • Select “Settings” > “Privacy”, “Search and services”.
  • Scroll down to Enhance images in Microsoft Edge and turn it off.

In future updates to Edge, you will be able to select a more balanced mode and specify which sites Edge should not process. If using Microsoft Edge Canary, then you need to go to “Settings»> «Privacy, search and services» > «Enhance images in Microsoft Edge” and click “Add” next to the list “Never enhance images for these sites“.

In addition, Microsoft Edge has another AI-powered feature called Video Super Resolution. It allows you to make low-resolution videos clearer and less noticeable. However, this feature works on a device with discrete graphics cards and does not send content to Microsoft.

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