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Cyberattack on Suncor Energy shuts down 1,500 Petro-Canada gas stations


Cyberattack on Suncor Energy shuts down 1,500 Petro-Canada gas stations

Stations operate with significant restrictions, customers refuel from competitors.

To gas stations Petro-Canada throughout Canada, technical issues preventing customers from paying with a credit card or reward points are impacting because its parent company Suncor Energy reports that it has been cyber-attacked.

Suncor Energy is the 48th largest public company in the world and one of the largest synthetics producers in Canada with $31 billion in annual revenue.

The company says it has taken steps to mitigate the impact of the attack and has kept authorities informed of the situation. At the same time, she expects transactions with customers and suppliers to be negatively impacted until the incident is resolved.

“At this time, we are not aware of any evidence that customer, supplier or employee data was compromised or misused as a result of this situation.” says in a press release suncor.

The company did not provide any details about the type of cybersecurity incident or whether it was a ransomware attack that affected its systems.

Petro-Canada, a subsidiary of Suncor that operates more than 1,500 gas stations across Canada, also announced it was facing challenges.

Company warned customers that they are currently unable to log into their accounts through the app or website, and apologized for the inconvenience caused. This glitch also prevents points from being awarded when refueling at company gas stations.

Official statement of the company dated June 25

However, the situation seems much worse than the company described it in the brief notice. Since last Friday, many people have reported in Twitter *that Petro-Canada gas stations are currently unable to pay with credit/debit cards, cash is the only payment option.

Technical problems at Petro-Canada have also prevented “car wash pass” holders from exercising their privileges at the company’s car wash facilities, with many customers now demanding a refund of the cost of their pass.

As of the morning of June 28, the company has not yet posted on its Twitter information about the full restoration of services, and it is not known when this will happen. If the company had a monopoly on gas stations, the problem would be much more serious than it is now.

A number of company statements dated June 26

Frustrated customers with no cash on hand and running out of gas also expressed their frustration on Twitter.

“Drove the last 6 km on my tank to Petro-Canada, but instead of filling up, I found out that I couldn’t pay for gas because their system didn’t work. I will now wait 3 hours to be towed 28 km to the next gas station and will never fill up at Petro-Canada again.” wrote one of the drivers on Monday

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