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Danish police catch criminals in Counter-Strike, Valorant, Fortnite and FIFA


Danish police catch criminals in Counter-Strike, Valorant, Fortnite and FIFA

A special cyber patrol maintains law and order with a mouse at the ready, during the work the employees received over 5 thousand tips from the online community.

At the Danish police headquarters in Denmark, officers are on the lookout for dangerous criminals on their computers. However, advanced cops look for villains not in databases or social networks, for this they play Counter-Strike and other games for hours. How does this very unusual system of catching criminals work?

The 10-qualified Special Forces Police Squad was established last year amid rising online crime during the COVID pandemic and lockdowns. Law enforcement officers work openly, their nicknames directly inform other players that they are from the police. Although sometimes officers can work undercover.

CyberPatrol is also present on Twitch, Discord, Instagram*, Facebook* and TikTok with the aim of making the internet safer for both kids and adults. The main targets of the detachment are financial scammers and sex maniacs, but, of course, the matter is not limited to such individuals.

“Just as you see a police car patrolling the streets, now you can see policemen in cyberspace,” explains Cisse Birkebeck, the patrol leader.

Cybercops patrol Valorant

Miriam Michaelsen, a Danish lawyer and founder of Digital Responsibility, has long called for the police to control the internet. “When you see a police car passing by, it can have an impact on both the victims and the perpetrators… same on the internet,” says Michaelsen.

Since its inception in April 2022, the Online Police Patrol has filed more than 65 cases. “We see many cases of abuse and attempts to harass teenagers. Many attempts to swindle money from them, many cases of fraud in the gaming community,” says Birkeback.

The members of the Cyber ​​Squad reportedly play CS:GO, Valorant, Fortnite, and FIFA. They use the nicknames “Officer 1”, “Officer 2”, etc. Law enforcement officers play, observe and make contacts, just as if they were on regular patrol on the street. However, they are also not deprived of work on the street. Most often, patrol officers work non-simultaneously, but 2-3 people at a time, periodically replacing each other.

On Twitch we directly say: “Hi, we are police officers. We are playing and we need volunteers from the chat. You can come and play with us,” said 36-year-old officer Rimer Thorup.

The cops currently have 127,000 followers on TikTok, 23,000 on Twitch, 10,000 on Facebook, and 6,000 on Instagram. It is understood that any player in trouble can personally talk to the cyber officers, asking them for help.

Since the department was launched, the police have received more than 5,200 tips from the online community. In his spare time, Riemer Thorup runs a teen esports club at the police station in Copenhagen. Many children come from disadvantaged areas and can also inform officers about something amiss.

“I don’t think we can solve all digital violence problems by having an online patrol like this. But if we see that at least 10, 15, 20 people receive help in a way that they would not have dared to ask for otherwise, it has a certain meaning,” said Miriam Michaelsen.

Budgets for financing the Cyber ​​Patrol are so far agreed and discussed annually, but the officers hope that such online activity will become a permanent one for them. All members of the digital squad speak positively about such work. According to them, being a pioneer in something is extremely exciting. And patrolling in video games itself is not at all dusty, fun and interesting.

Would you like to serve in such an online squad and fight against cybercriminals and other online villains?

* The Meta company and its products (Instagram and Facebook) are recognized as extremist, their activities are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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