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Robot conductor wows audience at Korean music festival


Robot conductor wows audience at Korean music festival

The audience is in awe of his talent.

An unusual event took place at the Seoul Music Festival: a robot conductor called EveR 6 successfully performed a concert with live musicians. The robot, developed by Samsung, is able to analyze the sound, movements and emotions of performers, as well as adapt to different styles and genres of music. EveR 6 showed a high level of coordination, expressiveness and charisma, winning the admiration of viewers and critics.

The EveR 6 development team stated that their goal is not to replace human conductors, but to push the boundaries of musical art with new technologies. They also hope that the robot conductor will become an inspiration for young musicians and music lovers around the world.

The developers of EveR 6 are currently working on allowing the robot to make gestures that are not pre-programmed, said Lee Dong-wook, the robot’s engineer.

Improvising and communicating with the musicians in real time is the next big step,” said Song Joo-ho, a music reviewer who came to watch the performance.

“You have to improvise in real time when the musicians make mistakes or things go wrong.”

The Seoul Music Festival will last until the end of June, and Artemy will participate in several more concerts with various orchestras and choirs. Tickets for these performances are already sold out, and interest in the robot conductor is only growing.

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