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For 174 euros you have a great robot vacuum cleaner compatible with Alexa and with a mop included


Slight discount for a brutal cleaning gadget to keep your floor free of bacteria.

For 174 euros you have a great robot vacuum cleaner compatible with Alexa and with a mop included
This robot vacuum cleaner has great suction power, very good autonomy and several accessories included.

Discover the definitive solution for keep your home spotless effortless. He Ultenic D5s Pro robot vacuum cleaner is the answer to all your cleaning needs. Today it can be yours for only 174 euros on Amazon when its official price is around 219 euros. The Ultenic firm has been integrated into the field of autonomous home cleaning for years, and this model is one of The best robot vacuum cleaners you can buy now for less than 200 euros.

Today it has dropped in price considerably, and I think it is the right moment to introduce you to the main qualities of the Ultenic D5s Pro, from its powerful suction to its convenient connectivity and navigation. By the way, if you already have a robot vacuum cleaner and you need one cordless broom vacuum cleanerUltenic also good models at great prices on Amazon.

Ultenic D5s Pro

Get a powerful robot vacuum cleaner for 174 euros

If I had to start by highlighting something about this robot vacuum cleaner, it is its impressive suction power. Equipped with a state-of-the-art engine that reaches a power up to 3000 PAThis robot vacuum cleaner guarantees deep and efficient cleaning on all types of surfaces. Whether hard floors, carpets or parquet, the D5s Pro adapts perfectly and removes dust, dirt and pet hair without a trace. And if you have a amazon echo speaker or Google Nest mini you can control this robot vacuum cleaner with just your voice.

Ultenic D5s Pro Navigation

Navigation is done thanks to various sensors that map the space.

Are you worried that the battery will run out before you complete your whole house cleaning? Don’t worry, the Ultenic D5s Pro is equipped with a high capacity battery which allows it to run for long periods without interruption. With a battery life of up to 150 minutesThis robot vacuum will cover all areas of your home and return to its charging station automatically when needed, without your doing anything. And if its battery level drops below 20% before completing the task, it will automatically return to its base to recharge and continue further.

In terms of navigation, the Ultenic D5s Pro uses advanced technology to move efficiently for your home Thanks to its system smart navigationavoid obstacles and map your house to plan optimal cleaning routes. You no longer have to worry about the robot getting stuck or colliding with furniture, as the D5s Pro has the ability to avoid them and continue its task without problems.

Also, the Ultenic D5s Pro comes with a variety of accessories Designed to make your cleaning experience even easier. Its main brush, combined with its side brushes, effectively picks up dirt and debris, even in the hardest-to-reach corners. It also has a high efficiency HEPA filter that captures small particles and allergens, improving the air quality in your home.

Ultenic D5s Pro

With the Ultenic applicationyou can easily control and program the D5s Pro from your smartphone. Adjust suction power, select specific cleaning modes, set cleaning schedules, choose the specific area of ​​your house to clean and receive real-time notifications about the cleaning status. A robot pass for only 174 euros.

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