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Former CS:GO professional AWP kennyS has announced his retirement as a competitive player and taking over the content creator role.


Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at 3:34:35 PM, Indochina time

back when May 20, 2023 in the competition Paris Major 2023 It will be a competition in the round of semifinals which is a meeting between Apex and team power But before the start of the fun race, the team blast has picked up a legendary player like Kenny S on stage with an important announcement about the suspension of the mouse from the industry CS: go with age 28 year, which made a very sad and overwhelmed fan in the old days

for players Kenny S is one of the living legends of CS: go which has the ability to play DPO At a high level, both the ability to flick shot and the accuracy of shooting like a catch. But due to the increasing age As a result, his play dropped from the original competition for many big teams. Now it has become just a gathering of the former stars as extinct. falcon team together with NBK- , wrong and body But in the end, their work didn’t come out very well.

By the past works of Kenny S It can be said that there are many until enough to tell about it to their children for many years ever whether it is many other sub-competitions that have been referred to as having created results for both winning 1st and 2nd place alternately in the big list Kenny S Ever created a work that will have since

  • rating 2 in the list ESL One: Cologne 2015 on behalf of EnVyUs Team
  • rating 1 in the list DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015 on behalf of EnVyUs Team
  • rating 5 – 8 Join in the list ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018 on behalf of G2 esports

even though the way Kenny S Will decide to hang up as a contestant for the game. CS: go gone, but as content creator He still circulates in the industry. CS: go further and furthermore Kenny S also came out to say thank you to the fans, including the game CS: go that made him today have passed Twitter own personal as well

Finally, in the competition Paris Major 2023 On the last day, BLAST has organized a competition in the form of show match Ready to gather famous players and legendary players to compete together which consists of

  • s1mple
  • Kenny S
  • shock
  • RpK^
  • jacks
  • GeT_RiGhT
  • smoothie

Which can go in and watch the fun and hilarity in the past below

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