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Google accuses Microsoft of anticompetitive actions in the market of cloud services


Google accuses Microsoft of anticompetitive actions in the market of cloud services

Google believes that Microsoft is forcing customers to use only their own cloud services and limiting the options of other companies.

Corporation Google filed a complaint against Microsoft to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). According to Google, Microsoft is abusing its position in the market and does not allow customers to choose cloud services from other companies. Google claims that Microsoft is tying its Windows Server and Office products to its cloud platform Azure and poses a threat to national security.

Google, which itself often subject to antitrust investigations also complained about Microsoft to European regulators. The essence of the claims is that Microsoft charges third-party cloud providers for using Microsoft software, while Microsoft customers do not pay extra if they use Azure. This is the result of a change in the Microsoft license agreement in 2019.

Also the Coalition for Fair Software Licensing (CFSL), backed by unnamed IT companies, accused Microsoft is that the corporation does not allow customers to choose other cloud providers.

“Microsoft is using its bargaining power and restrictive licensing terms to force customers to use Azure and tie them to their ecosystem. Microsoft also bundles its products into a single set of services, limits the integration of competing services, and sets its products by default,” CFSL said.

Microsoft did not provide comments.

Earlier this month, the European Commission filed a formal antitrust complaint on Google and its advertising business. In a preliminary ruling, the regulator claims that Google is abusing its dominant position in the digital advertising market and creating an uneven playing field for competitors.

If Google is found guilty of violating EU law, it could face a fine of up to 10% of its global sales and a forced sale of part of its business. This would be a major blow to the search giant’s main source of income and a rare occasion for the EU to recommend such a measure at the preliminary stage of an investigation.

The commission has already fined the company in three other cases related to with search engine , Android mobile operating system and service Google shopping. In total, the fines amounted to more than €8 billion.

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