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VALORANT under FULL SENSE announced the release of Teerapong and revealed the reason and direction of the agency in full.


Thursday, June 22, 2023 at 11:14:52 PM, Indochina time.

After a few days before the agency full feeling has announced the release of players under the Thiraphong which creates suspicion among fans Including the audience that follows the affiliation full feeling The reason for releasing such players in extreme

thus making when June 20, 2023 way full feeling has come out to arrange a list” FULL SENSE Talk EP.10 which was talked about value affiliation full feeling Including answering questions for fans in various matters, with the following details

  • full feeling There is a plan to modify the new overhaul because he knows what he lacks.
  • the lack of full feeling is IGL which is now very rare
    • obi added that if you look at voicecom due to full feeling do not have IGL Therefore making time to play together like arguing all the time Different people play too differently.
  • must look for someone with passion in bringing oneself into league maximum
  • release reason Thiraphong It’s not that they don’t play well. But the position where he is in pushes people to play better (electricity) And if it were to be in reserve, it would definitely not play, so decided to let it go.
  • coming of obi make the decision to make a team just 5 because the growth of the team is too slow
  • section John Olsen pick Killjoy come to compete obi Said that he asked to play by himself.
  • obi said that when X10 that combine randomly within the team will have IGL all 4 People include Pooh1Tap , foxz , Crws and scary
  • In the game there will be brain storm At the races, be ready to create a plan right away. and will be divided to work in each of their own points

After talking about the internal affairs in a good way trip came out to shoot the next question It is about “interesting players in the player market” by focusing on the position. IGL most of which the program participants came out to speak out on this matter hotly

  • Viper Damon | Kntz Former players from CRIT SPORTS Because doing good work IGL position play smoke , squirm and send to the team comfortably
    • obi added that Now just need to find the prow which Kntz Quite an answer, and Kntz had worked together for a long time. It is therefore one of the very interesting options.
    • obi said if Kntz come play for smoke It may have to be switched on. fluke But it’s not a guarantee. which has to see which solution is the best
  • way Celine said he was interested P.T.C. Which is one of the quality players who does not have any questions and has worked together, so he knows the habits and thoughts such as reading the game. IGL can be called complete
    • demon snake support that P.T.C. Quite an answer because many things are quite perfect and in the set Berlin way P.T.C. I used to play a role IGL before too, but to contact a famous agency like myth It can be considered quite difficult ever.
  • P-trip | Kntz Interested in the statistics of the person. which is well made by comparing from role They felt that they stood out more than everyone else.
  • P-Trip | Leviathan He’s a talented kid, quite eye-catching. Unfortunately not. IGL
  • obi interested Sushi Boy if Talon Esports Let him out, he wants to pull himself out to play. and will be molded to be IGL using all experience to lead the team
  • obi said later that he was secretly interested delete Unfortunately, he became coach to the team neurons (women’s team) gone

After the end of the story of players in Thailand that are interesting trip came out to raise a new topic about Buy-sell market, players and want moderators to talk about likes and dislikes within this industry, including various solutions as follows

  • obi Said he felt disliked that some agencies decided not to tell the players that other agencies were interested or talked about offers for athletes from other agencies because they wanted to hold on to the players.
    • I want the buy-sell market to be done.” agency ” for intermediaries For contact, buy-sell and talk on behalf of athletes by allowing the contestants to choose offer and give agency Go talk directly to the agency itself.
  • by full feeling Decided to create a new norm for myself. In order to buy and sell players as fair as possible.
  • obi said when full feeling Decided to change the whole set of players. by grabbing players from FW esports come in with a high value 7 main
  • In foreign markets, signing a contract will look at the age first, if young, may sign a contract as high as 2 The minimum year is 1 years before the contract expires. 6 months will be called again.

and then came the final stage which will be a range of Q&A by the moderators, both 4 It will give viewers the opportunity to inquire about various issues in the industry. value and will answer every subject as possible, whether

  • Someone asked about the drama of CGRS For example, why they didn’t play well or didn’t perform as well.
    • obi Said, “You are a backup. and can lead the team up 4th place (now 3rd place) considered to be very good, even if taking the top Thai competitors Wearing it, you can’t play as much as you dare.”
    • Discussion is devoted to everything, no matter what. Learning English that is not good at it, practicing playing initiator even though it’s not the main position Maybe I dare to stream more than practice? can still do this You shouldn’t insult him.
    • obi Added that “It looks funny. But the competitors encourage each other because everyone knows how difficult the work he is doing.

  • The audience came in and asked: full feeling Will there be a big reinforcement?”
    • Reinforcing the team will be “removed”. 1 people to find another 1 People come to reinforce the army, but this is a “surgery for the whole team”. Find what works, what doesn’t work, will cut it off. and find something new to replace
  • Someone asked if they were interested. Primmy
    • way obi said the way full Used to be interested, but they weren’t confident in their skills, so they wanted them to show in the camp. But in the end, the person refused to come, even though everything was given out. Until the size of paying hundreds of thousands But the person did not come back. I don’t know why either.
  • way obi Reveal the era Talon Esports still be Cercia There is actually a player in the position. duel they are interested which consists of
    • garnet person addicted Fluke therefore refused to come
    • Primmy unreasonable refusal
    • recite therefore became the main player at that time
  • trip Ask if Fluke can play position supervisor how well
    • way obi Said that he could play all of them Doing good work
    • way Celine Added the after picture that “The person just lacks confidence and attitude to play.”

  • Someone asked, “Interested in picking up recite Come join the team?”
    • which at first way obi say ” recite Should go to study “But there are many voices saying recite Maybe come back to compete again next year. (2024) Which must wait to follow each other
    • obi Jokingly said, “Go in. Talon Esports right?”
  • On “Team Competition” Level 2 Will it exist?”
    • trip Said there must be a competition of course. which is thought to be after the end of the program 2023 VALORANT CHAMPIONS There should be someone arranged to talk. so that the competitive market remains and continues
    • way full feeling There will be a small competition called ” FULL SENSE Super Week “Let’s wait and follow each other. It will be arranged later. 2023 VALORANT CHAMPIONS
  • inquire about idea of coach In Thailand and abroad, do you think Thailand is inferior?
    • obi say somewhat inferior differs in that coach Our knowledge is insufficient. coach Thailand will focus on scolding rather than educating the competitors.
    • but for coach abroad, he will sit analyst Let’s see the error point. which makes it possible to tell the competitors to adjust their own way of thinking
  • I want to know how to get started. coach What should I do?
    • being coach good doesn’t have to be pro player But they should have new knowledge to develop themselves and be able to refine their ideas to give to others at the right point.
    • difficulty of coach Is to find new knowledge to put into the team by the easiest way to start, go find any team or a small team to try the job how much you like and help collect experience well


Finally, we have to wait to follow each other that the industry value In which direction will it continue? full feeling There will be a big player change. for the battle of the year 2024 How great it came out We have to wait and follow each other.

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