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how RUVDS and Positive Technologies lured hackers into space


CTF in orbit: how RUVDS and Positive Technologies lured hackers into space

Will the contestants be able to hack the universe?

Today, July 18, sports hacking competitions started from Positive Technologies and RuVDS, an international cloud provider. The competitions are held in the popular CTF (Capture the Flag) format, and the key role is played by the RuVDS satellite server launched into earth orbit this month. The spacecraft will transmit signals to Earth that will need to be decoded in order to successfully complete all stages.

The hacker competition offers participants seven tasks, for which you need to demonstrate a high level of knowledge in the field of information security. One of the interesting tests is hacking an artificial intelligence system based on the ChatGPT language model.

According to Nikita Tsaplin, founder and CEO of RuVDS, the competition will last approximately 90 hours. “There is no registration required to participate in the hackathon, but the hackathon itself will start unexpectedly: the contestants will have to find their first task in our social networks. <...> Separately, I note that the tasks were developed in such a way as to unite the interests of a very different audience – from radio amateurs to veterans of such competitions, ”said Nikita Tsaplin, founder and CEO of RuVDS.

This is not the first CTF competition for Positive Technologies. The missions for the “space race” were developed based on the experience of the Standoff cyber battle.

“The CTF experience is the DNA of Positive Technologies. Many experts of the company, including myself, took part in them from school. I am sure that the unusual space CTF format will attract a large number of various researchers,” said Yaroslav Babin, Product Director of Standoff 365.

The RuVDS server satellite was delivered into orbit on June 27 by the Soyuz-2.1b launch vehicle. In early July, the connection with the hosting was successfully tested. Over the next year, the satellite will serve educational, research and other projects.

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