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It’s coming on strong! Snow AI Profile, an app that will turn you into a Korean girl | 4Gamers Thailand


Wednesday, June 14, 2023 at 5:24:37 PM, Indochina time.

It’s really hit. It’s the most popular at this time. For the trend of making AI profile photos that will make you look beautiful, cute, Korean style scratching your heart. It looks like it was taken from a Korean studio. With one of the add-ons of the Snow photo app that many people call ‘AI Snow Profile’ with an easy to use method Just upload our images into the app. Then the system will process the AI ​​into a picture for us to be an album. and if anyone doesn’t know how to use it Today, I will introduce how to use it step by step.

Snow app download
First of all, everyone has to download the application. ‘snow’ into the machine first. You can search for the name of the app in the Apple Store / Play Store, which the app is a photo filter app. and many functions to play The app icon is like the image below.

How to activate the Snow AI Profile system
because in the app in Thailand can still access this feature directly. The easiest and most convenient way is to go to the Official Instagram profile page of the Snow app, follow this IG @snow_kr_official, where the IG page will have a link pasted on the profile page. When you press it, the link will connect to the app. Now you can start using Snow AI Profile. Press “Start now” and can use it (Right now, there are a lot of users. There may be some jams. Anyway, keep fighting.)

Upload 10-20 photos with 2 package options
After starting to use Snow AI Profile, the app will ask us to upload 10-20 of our photos, which is recommended to be a picture that clearly shows our face, selfie, straight face, simple background color, nothing to cover the face of Snow AI Profile. we

After this, the app will require us to pay with two options. The first option is Standard, priced at 79 baht, which takes up to 24 hours to create the image, or the second option is Express, priced at 199 baht, which takes only 1 hour to complete. Payment is complete, AI will process it for you. During this time, do not close the app. or turn off the mobile But can press to hide the app and after processing is complete The system will alert and can click to download all images to be stored in the device

It can be considered an AI that has been done correctly, perfect for the Snow AI Profile, which, in addition to processing excellently. The image that came out was beautiful and beautiful and became a popular trend quickly, like celebrities, celebs, influenza, young people came to try to play all over the city.

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