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MHC team won and received 0.1 bitcoin


The first space CTF in history: the MHC team won and received 0.1 bitcoin

Alexander Antipov

Over a thousand people took part in the competition.

MHC team won and received 0.1 bitcoin

The MHC hacking team won the Capture the Flag (CTF) quest hosted by RUVDS and Positive Technologies. A feature of the quest was a satellite-server, which was in Earth orbit and transmitted encrypted signals. The MHC team solved all the problems in almost a day and received a prize of 0.1 bitcoin. More than a thousand people participated in the quest, including schoolchildren and students. This was the first event of its type to use a spacecraft.

The RUVDS satellite was launched this month as part of the Space-π Innovation Promotion Foundation program to support educational purposes. The quest consisted of seven stages related to different areas of information security. The tasks were based on the experience of Standoff, a cyber battle from Positive Technologies.

“CTF is a good way for beginners to learn the practice of information security,” said Yaroslav Babin, Product Director of Standoff 365. “We hope that many of the participants will become professional researchers, reversers and pentesters, and invite them to the November Standoff”

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