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Netflix destroys American families with its new password-sharing policy


Netflix destroys American families with its new password-sharing policy

Without knowing it, the streaming giant has opened a new goldmine for family therapists.

Netflix, the world’s largest video streaming service, just over a month ago launched a campaign to limit the distribution of passwords for their accounts. Now account holders will not be able to share them with distant relatives and friends who do not live with them under the same roof. In this regard, account holders have to start rather awkward conversations with family members and painfully decide who to leave access to and who to “send free swimming”.

Last year, Netflix told its investors that more than 100 million households are watching content on the platform using someone else’s account. The company hopes that the new restrictions will help attract new subscribers and significantly increase the service’s revenue. Netflix defines a household as people living under the same roof.

Depending on the subscription plan chosen, a Netflix account holder can now share their password with up to two people, with an additional charge for each additional member. Many account holders with large families are faced with the dilemma of which of their relatives and friends to leave access to the service.

According to edition The Wall Street Journal, American Chloe Brian from the city of Coxville, Tennessee, decided to disconnect three already adult children living in other cities from his account. Those, of course, were not happy with such a coincidence of events. As a consolation prize, Chloe invited them to use his subscription to Microsoft Office, since such restrictions have not yet been invented there.

Jennifer Jones from Fayetteville, North Carolina, told reporters that her mother raised her on the principles of “share with others.” However, now these very “neighbors” will have to pay for their subscription themselves.

Jay Guillory from Fort Worth, Texas shared his account with his mother, sister and her boyfriend living in Louisiana. Shortly after spreading the word that Netflix would “close shop” to all freeloaders, Jay tried for a long time to convince loved ones to start their own accounts, but they were not particularly puzzled by this issue. Well, it’s time to pay the bills.

Brian Christopher, 43, allowed his ex-girlfriend to continue using his streaming services Netflix, Paramount+ and Peacock after they broke up. As time went on, he grew more and more frustrated with their split, and when he saw that Netflix was introducing a new sharing policy, he quickly logged into his account to make sure his new apartment was listed as the main household. Christopher also revealed that he recently saw his ex and told her that she would soon permanently lose access to his Netflix account. Sounds cruel!

Such passions can arise, it would seem, from scratch. A standard Netflix subscription in the US costs $15, while premium costs $20 per month, which isn’t much in America. However, people can still share their accounts with up to two household neighbors, albeit for an additional $8 fee. And the browsing history can be easily transferred from the old account to the new one, so there is no big problem here either.

Meanwhile, Netflix, despite a seemingly controversial move, is actively taking profits, and its shares are growing by leaps and bounds. Of course, most people are not happy with the new sharing policy, but sitting without their favorite shows is also unacceptable for them. You have to create your own accounts.

Do you use streaming services to watch movies or series, or do you prefer more illegal traditional methods of content consumption?

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