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Razer has launched a light-up credit card

Razer has launched a light-up credit card

Razer is known for producing some pretty odd products as well, apart from cool and popular computer peripherals. And, if you thought it was insane to introduce its gaming gum chewing line, then the business seems to have one-upped itself. The “Razer Card” that comes with a built-in Razer light-up logo was recently introduced.

Yeah, you’ve heard it right! The financial arm of Razer Inc., Razer Fintech, announced the launch earlier this week of its new digital payment solution. To establish its digital prepaid service and the light-up credit card, the company partnered with Visa.

“We were really excited right from the outset about our partnership with Visa to change the experience of digital payments globally,” said Lee Li Meng, CEO of Razer Fintech. A lot of time and effort has gone into creating and perfecting this piece, which is really going to add tremendous value to our users’ lifestyle (of course, every gamer wants one of these),” he added.”

How to buy a Razer Card?

Users can initially sign up for a virtual “Razer Card” to use it via “Razer Pay” at no extra cost. They can upgrade to a Regular or Premium physical card later on. Although the Regular version does not have a built-in light-up Razer emblem, this exclusive feature comes with the Premium model. Any time you use the card for a purchase, this green LED logo will light up.

Now, maybe you think that Razer will compete with other big players in the industry with digital payment solutions? Well, the firm claims that, unlike other loyalty schemes, the incentive scheme is unique. All card users will be able to enjoy cashback functionality along with an in-app ‘gamified rewards scheme’ throughout the year.

At any of the 61 million Visa merchant locations worldwide, cardholders can also make payments. The card also supports contactless payment technology, allowing users to tap their day-to-day activities to pay for them.

You’re itching to get one, I know, but there’s one big catch. As of now, the firm is just taking the prepaid digital payment service to Singapore. No further news about plans for expansion to other countries is available.

In addition, the credit card will actually only be made available to the first 1337 individuals who sign up.


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