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Samsung reveals a new Sensor OLED screen! Fingerprints are read anywhere on the screen.


Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at 10:05:34 PM, Indochina time.

Samsung has unveiled a new in-display technology that could lead to biometric and health capabilities in future phones and tablets. Your fingerprint can be read on any screen surface. Which can be experienced at this year’s SID Display Week in LA. While most smartphones have in-display fingerprint readers Instead, the sensor is mounted under a separate module. which if working in the designated area only But with Samsung’s OLED sensor, they’ve already embedded a fingerprint sensor in the entire panel.

Due to display technology, fingerprints can be read anywhere on the screen. So it can be used to monitor heart rate and blood pressure. Samsung says the sensor can return readings more accurately than traditional wearables. in the field of blood pressure measurement You need to place two fingers on the screen. Obviously, OLED light is reflected differently. It depends on the contraction and relaxation of blood vessels. After that information is sent back to the control panel. The sensor will convert it into health indicators.

Samsung explained in a press release that “To accurately measure a person’s blood pressure, It is necessary to measure the blood pressure of both arms. The Sensor OLED display can recognize the fingers of both hands at the same time. It also provides accurate health information, but Samsung has yet to announce whether it plans to use the new technology in future devices. But an exhibit at SID Display has already shown that the Sensor OLED Display can read blood pressure and heart rate.

In addition to the OLED sensor, Samsung showcased a Rollable Flex screen that extends over five times its length when unfolded. meanwhile The Flex In & Out phone concept showcases the device, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, where you can fold in and out vertically. eliminating the need for an external display This could make the phone fold even thinner.

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