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TikTok deprives teenagers of freedom and choice


Parents can now manage the recommendation feed and comments.

Service TikTok announced the expansion Family Pairing, which allows parents to manage their children’s safety settings on the platform.

Now parents will be able to limit the amount of time they watch videos, access to live streams and comments, and also choose which videos will be shown in the recommendations feed. In the updated Family Pairing, parents can add keywords that will filter the content shown to their child. At the same time, the teenager can see the keywords that the parents have added to the filtering list.

The TikTok Family Control feature allows parents to link their account with their children’s account to enable or disable various security and privacy settings. For example, parents can:

  • Set a limit on the time that children can spend in the application;
  • Make children’s accounts private so that only approved users can see their videos;
  • Manage comments on children’s videos, including the ability to block certain words or turn off comments altogether;
  • Choose who can text children live or do duets with their videos;
  • Block videos or hashtags that parents find inappropriate.

In addition, TikTok is creating a youth council that will be made up of experts in education, psychology, social media and human rights. The Council will advise the company on the protection of the rights and interests of young users on the platform.

TikTok said the moves are part of the company’s strategy to improve user safety and trust, and to promote positive and creative communication online.

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