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VALORANT Champions 2023 Reveals 16 Participating Clubs along with revealing the list of affiliations of each group


Tuesday, July 25, 2023 at 0:43:46 AM, Indochina time.

After the competition VALORANT Champions Tour 2023 LCQ of each zone has progressed almost 1 Full week Now that the competition has come to an end and made it known about various agencies that will receive tickets to the big battle at the end of the year 2023 VALORANT CHAMPIONS


for the competition 2023 VALORANT CHAMPIONS All searches will be performed. 16 affiliation, with affiliations participating from both 4 The region comprises


pacific league

One of the zones from our house at 3 Teng’s agency comes from winning the rankings. 1 – 3 in the list VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Pacific League and another 1 The team is an affiliate that can win the rankings. 1 From the latest list like VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Pacific Last Chance Qualifiers Although they are not the favorite zone compared to other affiliations. But it is considered one of the tightest zones. which often comes with unconventional gimmicks to always be shocked

  • Paper Rex (Pacific League)
  • DRX (Pacific League)
  • T1 (Pacific League)
  • Zeta Division (Pacific LCQ)

China Qualifiers

One of the big countries from secret cities like “ China “But because of the game value of Chinese servers, just had a chance to launch soon So they don’t have a system. league Like the villagers and must use competition by selecting all teams to come together to find 3 The strongest agency on the list

  • edward game
  • Bilibili Games
  • Fun Plus Phoenix

American League

If it is to be one of the most zones. venom would not be wrong But even so, they didn’t just bring oral skills, because in terms of skill they were not inferior to all previous zones. In addition, with the strength of the players within the team and the dark horse like e-sports teacher which is so strong that it cannot be stopped, causing the zone America It is another scary zone and should not be overlooked in all respects.

  • Evill Geniuses (American League)
  • NRG (American League)
  • Dung (American League)
  • KRU Esports (America LCQ)

EMEA League

Ending with a tight zone that should have a large fan base. Due to the strength that is high and also under the name of FNATIC which won the title VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Tokyo Masters Came recently, so they got a slot to compete in the program. 2023 VALORANT CHAMPIONS up to 5 Slots, including each agency, can be called extremely tight.

  • FNATIC ( EMEA League )
  • Team Liquid ( EMEA League )
  • FUT Esports ( EMEA League )
  • Giants Gaming ( EMEA LCQ )
  • Born to Win (EMEA LCQ)

Most recently a few hours ago. Twitter of value has released pictures along with a group drawing video of 2023 VALORANT CHAMPIONS There will be a big condition that “Each zone will never be in the same group. But if caught in the same zone, it will throw the said affiliation to another group instead “with the following details.

  • Group A consists of
    • Paperex vs. e-sports teacher
    • Edward Gaming vs. giant
  • Group B consists of
    • evil genius Meet Fun Plus Phoenix
    • FUT esports vs. T1
  • Group C consists of
    • FNATIC vs Zeta Division
    • NRG compared to Bilibili Gaming
  • Group D consists of
    • Team Liquid vs born to win
    • Dr. X compared to popular

Finally, we have to wait and see if in the big battle program 2023 VALORANT CHAMPIONS to start up August 7th – date August 26 and which affiliation will be able to win the year-end trophy 2023 Successful, we have to wait and follow each other.

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