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VALORANT Includes 5 Things Talon Esports Learned After Debuting In Gwangju Esports Series – Asia


Tuesday, November 29, 2022, 5:43 p.m. 07 p.m., Indochina time.

a few days ago One of the agencies from Thailand like Talon Esports went out to show form on the list Gwangju Esports Series – Asia and able to show form by winning the way ZETA DIVISION succeeded even after they were defeated DRX and ended up ranked 2 but must admit that this is the first work of Talon Esports Which is made out quite well.

And today we will talk about 5 things about Talon Esports in the list Gwangju Esports Series – Asia It will be detailed about the overall picture of the team and others after they have come out to show more patterns. 5 The game for such content is just a personal opinion. And if there are any mistakes, I apologize here too.

1. Patiphan did not compete in the above program.

Probably one of the players Talon Esports that many people watch Because I want to see the craftsmanship of Unfortunately, he did not compete in the above program. because he plans to compete in the year 2023 That’s why fans of Patiphan should feel sad and heartbroken quite a bit


2. The sharpness is still inferior compared to other countries.

If compared for domestic teams or in our home zone, players from Talon Esports Considered to have the ability to shoot, which can be said to be extremely sharp. Although in terms of strategy they are well made and interesting, but when facing foreign teams as shots to measure or trade shots, they always lose. and in the current list when Talon Esports vs. DRX It can also be clearly seen that They still lost in shooting as before.


3. JitboyS who replaces Crws

after Crws has been relocated to the position Controller thus making JitboyS Become a new player to replace the original position of Crws because in 5 Past games can be seen that the referee will pick up the agent in the original position of Crws all whether

  • Icebox – Sage Bomb Launcher
  • Ascent – KAY/O Carrier
  • Haven – Breach Courier

but due to the position of JitboyS At present, it is quite different from the original (from the old information of JitboyS then referred to as Duelist with Sentinels ), thus making it the same as when holding Sushiboys go play Initiators and make the work of the person out not very well even though on the map Ascent Discussion will perform well, but on the map Haven I have to admit that JitboyS It’s quite dull enough. Although partly due to players from DRX at Foxy9 Which is too outstanding until it completely overshadows everyone else

4. Vest the plan or still use the old comp

One of the suspicions of Talon Esports Because in the current set, various agents are still being used, similar to the original as in the present XERXIA Even with a slight switch But overall elements remain, such as

  • Icebox still be Sova , Sage and Killjoy stand on the ground
  • Haven However, there must be Breach

Of course notsubjectWhat’s bad, but the fact that they use Comp An old one like this might be a safeguard for use in future competitions.


5. Talon Esports’ Beginning, For Better Or Worse?

I have to admit that right now it’s still not possible to guarantee. because it is also the first competition in this set of players But if talking about it as a whole, it is considered that at each point there are both better and worse, mixed together, for example.

  • coming of garnetS This makes their offense noticeably better.
    • but resulted in the team having to rely on garnetS Even more because if the person can’t open It’s like the team has lost.
  • Crws at the position Controller still secretly playing not very well Until he came out and admitted that ” He made mistakes at many points.
  • sample carrier JitboyS Still not very impactful Which would have to allow the person to gradually adjust further

Finally, I must congratulate the way Talon Esports that can win the rank 2 in the list Gwangju Esports Series – Asia succeeded, which we would like to help and continue to cheer on all the competitors in the hope that in the year 2023 They will come out to show hot form to be watched in the near future.

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