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White hacking from scratch. Where to learn a profession?


White hacking from scratch. Where to learn a profession?

Free education on foreign and Russian online platforms.

In today’s world, where information becomes the most valuable resource, cybersecurity comes to the fore. Specialists with the skills of “white hackers” are becoming key figures in protecting companies from illegal access. A novice specialist in this field, according to HeadHunter, can count on a salary of 80,000 rubles per month.

However, beyond this amount, even more attractive prospects open up. White hat hackers can increase their income by participating in bug bounty programs to find and fix vulnerabilities. These initiatives are organized by various companies, offering rewards for each found and documented vulnerability in their products or systems. The reward depends on the severity of the vulnerability and can reach tens of millions of rubles for the discovery of a serious vulnerability that could cause significant damage.

The skills of a “white hacker” will be useful to anyone who works in IT or wants to learn how to understand modern technologies. Thanks to them, work in any area of ​​information technology will be more reliable and secure.

The most popular hacker education platform in the world is HackTheBox, which provides educational materials on specific topics, offering detailed research in each of its courses. Also, don’t forget Hack a Day, which is another great resource for learning about specific topics. It is important to remember that both of these resources offer training exclusively in English, which can be an obstacle for those who do not yet speak it at a sufficient level.

Most of the other popular English-language platforms present challenges due to language barriers, access restrictions, and paid terms of use. In addition, there is a risk of encountering outdated or irrelevant information.

But do not despair. Recently, a free course from CyberEd was launched in Russia, the purpose of which is to teach the Russian-speaking audience about ethical hacking from scratch. Course “Profession WHITE HACKER” covers the necessary topics, from the basics of working with networks and ending with the practical skills of conducting security testing of corporate systems. It is designed for both those new to IT and experienced professionals looking to dive into the world of ethical hacking and penetration testing.

The training course consists of 12 lessons that correspond to the levels of attacks. Each lesson combines not only extensive theoretical material, but also many practical tasks designed to apply and assimilate the acquired knowledge. To monitor progress and identify areas that require additional attention, follow-up tests are provided after each module. One of the key benefits of the course is its flexibility: students can take it at their own pace, making learning accessible and comfortable for people with a variety of schedules and commitments.

If you’re interested and ready to start your white hat journey, start by exploring the free resources and courses available. There is always room for new professionals in the world of cybersecurity.

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